5 Vital Elements In Meal Replacement Supplements

If you want to limit your calorie intake, meal replacement supplements can satiate your immediate hunger and keep you full for hours afterward. Not all of these supplements are created equal, however. You must select a meal replacement supplement that provide the elements your body needs to resist feelings of hunger while creating enough energy until your next meal. As a rule, the meal replacement bar or shake must provide 1/3 of your vitamins and minerals to make up for the discrepancy caused by missing a meal. Furthermore, adequate levels of the following five vital elements must also be present to qualify it as an effective meal replacement.


Meal replacement supplements with at least 20 grams of protein keep your hunger levels down for an extended period of time. When you consume enough protein, your stomach sends the correct satiety signals to your brain before you are tempted to overeat. Furthermore, maintaining a steady level of protein helps prevent muscle wasting as you lose weight on a low calorie diet.


Fatty foods work alongside protein to keep your stomach full and energy levels high. As the fat moves through your digestive tract, it reduces the chance of hunger pangs beginning a few hours after eating. Your body also directly utilizes dietary fat, instead of carbohydrates, to produce a steady rate of energy. By consuming the fat in a meal replacement bar or shake, you can net all of the benefits while avoiding the urge to over-consume this decadent substance.

A fat man in a white t-shirt running along the street with a green hedge in the backgroundFat in the right amounts keeps you full longer and provides energy.


Fiber is a filling substance that is naturally derived from plant sources. Meal replacement supplements with at least 10 grams of fiber keep you satiated without that over-full, sluggish feeling. The fiber should consist of soluble and non-soluble varieties to add bulk to your food without increasing the calories. The beneficial effects are multiplied if at least a portion of the fiber comes from the elephant yam, or konjac. This particular form of fiber, called Glucomannan, helps absorb excess water in the digestive tract to increase weight loss.

Green Coffee Bean Extracts

The addition of green coffee bean extracts in your meal replacement supplements can help curb hunger even further. This extract helps stabilize blood sugar after eating carbohydrates, negating the possibility of a sugar crash occurring in the near future. With this support, your body is better able to produce energy at a steady rate until the next meal time arrives. The coffee has a diuretic effect, which promotes the excretion of excess water to keep your weight loss at a healthy rate.

Omega 3 And 6 Fish Oil

Fatty acids omega 3 and 6 in fish oil can help keep you feeling full from the meal replacement supplement alone. The oil keeps hunger levels low by promoting the healthy production of energy using fat-derived nutrients. Your appetite may even remain low though the next meal, causing you to consume far fewer calories than normal, which temporarily increases your body’s ability to burn fat. Without the gnawing hunger pain spurring you along, you can make healthier food choices and keep your calories at a strict deficit.

A bottle of oils on its side with pills poured out of the bottleHealthy Omega 3 Is what you want

Finding Ideal Meal Replacement Supplements

When you select your supplements, you will need to go through a trial period in finding the ones you deem most effective. You might identify a couple favorites in this process due to the lasting feelings of satiation, energizing effects or even the flavor of the bar or shake. By having more than one meal replacement supplement, you can mix up your routine on occasion to keep it from feeling stale. You are more likely to stick with your wellness routine if you embrace the chance to add variety when you can.

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