7 Best Short- and Long-Term Memory Supplements

Memory supplements do in fact work. Memory loss from aging can make it difficult or time-consuming to complete your daily tasks, and, as you become more forgetful, your confidence levels may even take a dive. Luckily, you can boost your brain function and restore your short- and long-term memory by using a combination of effective supplements. Each of these memory supplements provides your brain with the nutrients required to register and recall pertinent information. Here are seven supplements you can use in combination for the retention or restoration of your memory.  


Memory loss caused by aging can be reversed using effective supplements, such as citicoline. This supplement helps strengthen blood flow through the brain and regenerate nerve fibers, both of which have a positive impact on memory.  When memory loss is linked to vascular decline, this supplement provides an even bigger improvement in short- and long-term memory abilities.  


Many memory supplements contain L-Theanine as their main active ingredient; this substance is derived from fresh gyokuro leaves, which are also used to create green tea. Because of its amazing effects on memory, doctors often use this supplement to reduce or slow memory decline caused by Alzheimer’s. Although you can take this supplement on its own, the memory-boosting effects are increased when combined with caffeine.


Recent studies revealed turmeric’s ability to slow memory decline related to aging or illnesses, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. During the study, participants, who were aged 60 and over, were each given either a placebo or a single gram of turmeric at breakfast. Memory tests performed before and after the meal showed an increase in information retention and recall for about six hours after consuming the turmeric. The placebo group did not show any signs of memory improvement.

Ground up tumeric alongside a piece of chopped tumeric.Tumeric has the ability to slow memory decline related to aging or illnesses

Fish Oil

The rich omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil actively increase your brain’s ability to store and retrieve information from its short- and long-term memory banks. During a study of the effects of fatty acids on memory loss, participants were followed over the course of six months of supplementation. By the end of the study, the fatty acids from fish oil doubled the participants’ ability to memorize and recall information on the provided tests.


A three-month study linked memory improvements with the daily ingestion of bacopa supplements. Even six weeks after the study ended, these supplements helped participants retain their improved abilities. The memory improvements actually centered around the retention of new information. Recall speeds did not improve, however, so it is important to pair this supplement with other effective memory boosters. 

Gingko Biloba

Gingko biloba is one of the most time-honored memory supplements. This supplement increases healthy blood flow through your brain tissues to support quick information recall. The supplement also prevents memory loss by decreasing damage to the neurons from the natural effects of aging. To net the greatest benefits, it is important to take this supplement with Asian ginseng.

Petals of gingko biloba seenGingko Biloba supports quick information recall

Asian Ginseng

When paired with gingko biloba, Asian ginseng improves both working and long-term memory. In fact, research studies show an average memory improvement of 7.5 percent in both of these categories. Follow-up tests performed two weeks later indicated that the effects even lasted a short while after halting the supplement routine. This supplement combination also helps improve concentration, which can boost memory retention and recall on tests.

Taking Your Memory Supplements

fMemory supplements often have a gradual effect on your ability to retain and recall information. Since the difference occurs so slowly, you may find that you cannot tell the difference in your abilities even though other people mention the improvements. You can gauge your progress by completing short-term memory tests on your computer, phone or handheld gaming consoles. Your memory test scores should gradually improve over the course of several months after starting your supplement routine. If, instead, your memory continues to worsen, you may want to speak to your doctor about additional improvement options.  

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