Meratrim could help out the World. The amount of excess weight in the World is concerning. As of 2008, the World Health Organization has estimated that about 1.5 million adults (aged 20 and above) were overweight (BMI above 25), with about 500 million of those being obese (BMI above 30). Sadly, in the United States more than 60% of adults are overweight or obese. The costs on U.S. healthcare system are staggering. 

Currently, there are several ways to combat obesity including diet, exercise, behavior therapy, pharmacotherapy and surgical intervention. A pharmacotherapuetic approach would be using diet pills/or supplements to fight obesity. 

Meratrim, The Discovery 

The Health Care that originated in India is known as the Ayurveda system and it's ancient. The system has over 2000 plants that are used for medicinal purposes. Meratrim was found by testing these plants singly and in combination with one another in a test tube or what's called in vitro.

The plants were screened in the test tubes or artificial environment for their ability to prevent fat accumulation (adipogenesis) while promoting fat breakdown (lipolysis). Via this process, the two main ingredients found in Meratrim are in a three to one ratio (3:1) were Sphaeranthus indicus (a flower head) and the fruit rings of Garcinia mangostana. 

A trial was setup to test these ingredients in humans and was randomized, double-blind and clinical. It was conducted at ASRAM, Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, India from March 2010 to July 2010. It is important that the trial be a randomized, controlled-trial because these are the gold-standard in the scientific community for validity. 

A picture of two herbs from India used in the Meratrim productMeratrim Ingredients

Who was selected for the clinical trial

What is good for you, if you are reviewing this now, is that the clinical trial write-up is very difficult to get. You have to have a subscription to the particular journal that the clinical trial was published in. It could be one journal out of thousands.

The journal subscription are not cheap to have, especially since one journal is not enough when these types of articles are published in all kinds of different journals. This journal was published under the title of "Obesity" Which is different than the Journal of Obesity, it is awkward, I know. I digressed. 

There were a total of one hundred and eleven subjects selected out of a pool of 182 candidates. People selected for the clinical trial were adults (21-50 years of age), with a BMI between 30-40, were not pregnant, and were willing to follow a method of birth control if premenopausal.

Further, out of the one hundred and eleven candidates, 60 subjects were enrolled in the study, thirty each for the placebo group and Meratrim group. Even though men were not listed in the exclusion criteria, the study groups consisted primarily of women (22 women in the placebo group out of 30 and 23 women in the Meratrim group out of 30).

The fact that women who lost weight in the trial, makes the total weight loss more profound since it is more difficult for women to lose weight than it is for men. Several reasons existed to exclude individuals from the study.

Called, Exclusion criteria, they were: history of thyroid disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hepatitis, pancreatitis, lactic acidosis or hepatomegly with steatosis, motor weakness, peripheral sensory neuropathy, allergies to species and herbal products, using weight loss medications, laxatives or diuretics for the purpose of weight loss, recent unexplained weight loss or gain, HIV positive, undergone surgery before 30 days of screening or planning to undergo within the study period, any evidence of organ dysfunction or any clinically significant deviation from normal that could impact subjects well-being or clinical outcome. 

To sum it up, basically the subjects were all healthy with the exception that all the subjects were at least obese. If overweight subjects were used in the study we could, overall, except less weight loss since it is more difficult to lose weight when you have fewer pounds to lose. 

The Intervention

Participants at the beginning were provided with Meratrim or placebo capsules (sugar pills), compliance cards, the list of instructions for moderate exercise, schedules for delivery of daily meals and dates of follow-up evaluations. The subjects received free prepared meals totaling 2000 kcal/day, 61% carbs, 14% protein and 25% fat. 

Subjects took two capsules a day, one each 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner. Active capsules contained 400mg of the Meratrim proprietary blend each for a total daily dose of 800 mg. 

Exercise was to be done 5 days a week, of 30 minutes of moderate exercise. The fact that obese people are receiving exactly 2000 calories along with moderate exercise most days of the week is going to result in weight loss regardless of supplementation. We can expect the placebo and the supplement group to loss weight. Study participants were followed-up with at 14, 28 and 56 days or in 2, 4 and 8 weeks respectively. 

The Results 

The supplement group lost a significantly greater amount of weight at each of the follow-up periods. Weight loss in the supplement group was 4.048, 6.578 and 11.76 pounds from the 2, 4 and 8 week follow-up periods respectively.

The placebo group lost 1.23, 1.804 and 2.948 lbs at weeks 2, 4 and 8 respectively. As you can see, the placebo group lost significantly less weight at each of the follow-up points. At eight weeks, the placebo group lost about 3 pounds and the Meratrim group lost 11 lbs, a significant finding. 

Significant reductions in BMI, waist circumference, total cholesterol and triglyceride levels also occurred. Interestingly, something I've never heard of before called adiponectin significantly increased during the study in the supplement group. This hormone is higher in people that have lower body visceral fat and lower in people that have higher visceral fat. That is, they are inversely proportional. 

Adverse Events

It is important to note that no major adverse events were reported during the study. Parameters and markers associated with liver, heart, kidney, and metabolic function showed no disorder, indicating the supplement's safety profile.

Note, the study period was only 8 weeks, telling us that in this population over a period of 8 weeks nothing happened that was adverse. It would be nice to know if anything bad would happen over a longer period, say one year. It is likely that people will be taking this supplement for a period longer than eight weeks, especially if it is effective but we cannot comment on the safey profile beyond 8 weeks because no study has shown it to be unsafe or safe beyond 8 weeks. 


The number of people that were in the supplement group numbered to thirty. In the scientific community, the fewer the subjects in a clinical trial group, the less weight you are supposed to give it. Some healthcare professionals would not take any of the results of a study with this few subjects as a matter of fact unless more participants were studied. 

During Pharmacy school, one girl in our class refused to believe a substance had any effect on someone because it was only shown to benefit 60 people in the study. Dr. Oz, on the other hand, will review products favorably that he believes will help you lose weight such as Meraprim even though the trials used very few participants. 

That is Dr. Oz's clinical decision and he is considered controversial by his supplement reviews with the medical/scientific community. Many practitioners don't approve of him. 

Good clinical studies generally have thousands of participants. The Food and Drug Administration, requires a few thousand participants before they'll approve a new prescription drug. This requirement for numerous subjects is not a requirement by the Food and Drug Administration for dietary supplements. The supplement industry, from my experience, never exceeds 100 participants because that costs a lot of money to fund. If the supplement community really wanted to get healthcare practitioners to support their supplement they would pay for larger clinical studies but they have yet to do this. 


When I see positive benefits without safety problems in thirty participants, I think to myself, why not give it a try? If it worked in thirty of them, it may work with me. If it doesn't work, I'll just stop spending my money on it and move onto the next possibility. I don't think there is anything wrong with this approach.

I was sent two bottles of Meratrim (retail ~ $40.00) to try it and write a review for free. I've used it the past few days and haven't noticed any side effects. Most importantly to me, I haven't experienced any jittery sides effects. I'm tired of all the supplements that just make you super jittery, my body can't handle that. If I burp, I don't taste any of the supplement either, another benefit. 

I don't endorse or recommend the supplement but you are welcome to give it a try like I did. I'll know after roughly 4 weeks if I think it has burned additional fat for me. 

Why not see what all the fuss is about, it might be your break. To give it a try, purchase here for a discounted price. 

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