4 Effective Natural Progesterone Supplement Products

Natural progesterone supplements are here. Low progesterone levels disrupt the natural reproductive cycle in both women and men. In women, progesterone helps regulate the menstrual cycle, and in men, this hormone helps the testicles develop healthy sperm. Progesterone also tends to help balance other hormones, such as estrogen, to maintain a healthy equilibrium in the body. Without this hormone, you may develop problems with your gallbladder and thyroid. You can reverse low hormone levels with a daily dose of natural progesterone supplements. The following supplement options utilize bioidentical hormones to restore the health of your body without side effects.

Progesterone and the chemical formula for it written write below where it says progesterone on a blue background that looks like a computer screenWithout this hormone, you may develop problems with your gallbladder and thyroid


For more than 35 years, Pro-Gest Cream by Emerita has helped restore progesterone levels in the body. Just ¼ teaspoon of the cream provides 20 mg of progesterone. The 4-ounce container contains approximately 1,800 mg of progesterone, which should last you about two months with daily use. The hormones are naturally derived from Mexican wild yams and placed in a gentle mix of aloe vera, safflower oil, glycerin and almond oil. If you prefer, this progesterone supplement is also available in single-use packets.


Kokoro’s Balance Cream features the highest quality ingredients, which are designed to maximize absorption of the progesterone hormones. The yam-derived hormones quickly absorb into your skin through quality oil and emulsifier vehicles. The cream does not contain soy, gluten, paraben or GMO products. Color and fragrance were left out of the mix as well to keep the risk of allergic reactions to a minimum. The cream provides about 22 mg of progesterone for each ¼ teaspoon you apply.

Dr. Randolph's

Each application of Dr. Randolph’s progesterone cream, Natural Balance Cream, provides your body with an all-natural boost of bioidentical hormones. As this formula is targeted at women, it is not guaranteed to lack phytoestrogens, so it might not be the best choice for men. The formula contains grapefruit seed extract and aloe leaf juice to soothe your skin while promoting excellent hormone absorption. The cream has a low level of progesterone to enable twice daily applications, if needed.


PureGest by Kevala provides your body with pure progesterone without the addition of any phytoestrogens. This progesterone supplement does not contain any fragrances, artificial colors, preservatives, mineral oil, parabens or animal products. The 2-ounce tube provides just under a month of daily 25 mg doses of progesterone. The addition of jojoba oil, shea butter and aloe leaf extract help soothe and soften your skin at the application point.

Obtaining an Ideal Natural Progesterone Supplement

Although you can obtain a sublingual natural progesterone supplement, topical creams have the fewest side effects but are still highly effective. The bioidentical topical supplements immediately provide you with a boost of hormones to restore the health of your body. You will need to apply the supplements daily to maintain a steady level of hormones in your body. If you miss a day, do not apply twice or double the dose to make up for the discrepancy. Just continue the daily application process like normal and enjoy your improved health.

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