5 Amazingly Effective Natural Sleep Supplements

There are some good natural sleep supplements. Sleep can be elusive when faced with good or bad stress, health problems and the demands of a busy life. Furthermore, when you feel pressured to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night, you may actually work yourself up and completely disrupt your ability to rest. If this problem happens often, it could become a habit and continually mess up your sleep patterns until you enact a drastic change. Thankfully, natural sleep supplements provide an effective way to get enough sleep each night. The following five supplements can provide the substances your mind and body require for a good night’s rest.


Chamomile has long been used as the herb of choice for falling asleep quickly. The petals of this flower are dried and turned into a tea or extract, both of which help relax the mind and body. The powerful feelings of relaxation provided by this substance can even overcome chronic insomnia. In addition to promoting quick, deep sleep, chamomile tends to eliminate disruptive nightmares.

Chamomile tea next to some plants that go with it. The plants have a yellow center with white petals radiating around the yellow center that is a circle.Promotes quick, deep sleep and eliminates disruptive nightmares.

Valerian Root

Valerian is another plant that contains beneficial elements that promote total relaxation, resulting in deep sleep. Instead of the flowers, as with chamomile, the root of this plant is actually used to produce the powder or capsule supplements. A single month of taking this supplement can reverse insomnia symptoms, such as difficulty falling and staying asleep.

A bowl of valerian root which is brown and a little twisted.The root is ground up to form powder for capsules.


Unlike the ancient usage of chamomile for sleep issues, melatonin is relatively new to the supplement market. Your body, however, has long produced and utilized melatonin to promote sleep. The pineal gland secretes this hormone to regulate your natural sleep and wake cycles. You can utilize this supplement to turn back your internal clock and better control your ability to sleep.

The structural or chemical structure of melatonin.If you try it, don't start off with more than 0.5 mg your first night. It takes very little to get to bed with it and is easy to take too much with.


Your body naturally produces 5-Hydroxytryptophane, or 5-HTP, upon consuming foods containing the amino acid, tryptophan. When the 5-HTP reaches your brain, it transforms into serotonin, which plays a role in regulating your sleep cycles. Obtaining this substance through supplements reduces the amount of energy required to net the benefits of the provided serotonin boost. Within a few months of using natural sleep supplements, like 5-HTP, you should fall asleep quickly and remain asleep until morning.


Both severe and mild sleep problems may respond positively to an increase of magnesium in the body. Magnesium is an important mineral obtained through a healthy diet. Since most foods contain a trace amount of this mineral, it can be difficult to consume enough a day to keep your levels stable. Without magnesium, your brain receptors misfire and cause racing thoughts, anxiety and other sleep-inhibiting symptoms.

Trying Out Natural Sleep Supplements

Since the effectiveness of the natural sleep supplements varies from person to person, it is important to give each one a separate trial period. Identify the supplement that seems to address your issues the best and give it a month to win you over. If, by the end of the month, you have not achieved the results you seek, cease taking that particular supplement and move onto the next. Record your results to determine the supplement that provides the highest quantity and best quality of sleep.

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