6 Effective Natural Supplements for Anxiety

Natural supplements for anxiety is here to help. If you have not had much luck with prescribed anxiety medications, or prefer to try something with fewer potential side effects, you may benefit from using natural supplements to control your symptoms. Common anxiety symptoms you may feel include a rapid heartbeat, fast breathing rate, constant worry, racing thoughts and restlessness.

Natural supplements for anxiety can help reduce all of the physical and mental symptoms caused by this condition. The supplements are taken on a daily basis to keep the nutrients circulating through your body at a therapeutic level. Here are six effective natural supplements you can take to reduce or eliminate your anxiety. 


Magnesium supplements provide you with a perfectly natural way to combat the symptoms of anxiety. This nutrient ensures that your brain fires correctly and makes healthy connections. At deficient levels, you may cease having normal reactions to normal stimuli, causing your anxiety symptoms to worsen over time. Magnesium deficiencies can also cause or increase heartbeat irregularities that contribute to the anxious symptom cycle. Since magnesium is relatively difficult to procure through diet alone, supplements can help keep your anxiety in check.


Beyond increasing the quality of your sleep, which helps reduce anxious thoughts and feelings, valerian root supplements can help mitigate other anxiety symptoms. Valerian root naturally relaxes the mind and body to delay immediate physical and mental reactions that commonly trigger an anxious response. For example, these natural supplements for anxiety decrease the tendency to hyperventilate and develop a stomachache in response to psychological stressors. Without the initial reactions, many people have an easier time approaching trigger events with a calm demeanor.

Roots of Valerian clumped together in ball and sticking out all over the place.Decreases the tendency to hyperventilate among other anxiety reducing effects


This plant can directly reduce the severity and prevalence of your unique range of anxiety symptoms. These natural supplements for anxiety have been utilized for centuries to reduce the mental and physical effects of this distressing mental health condition. Modern research studies confirm that the substances in this plant extract have a positive effect on mood and anxious thoughts. Despite past evidence, doctors remain uncertain about the safety of this supplement over a long period of time. Therefore, it is beneficial to use during periods of extreme anxiety only.

Kava Root chopped up in a bowl alongside a couple wooden spoonsKava Root Powder is used to make the supplements

Lemon Balm

People have also used the extracts from lemon balm for hundreds of years to calm the mind and body, especially during periods of intense stress. Lemon balm offers valuable relief from a constant barrage of distressing thoughts that often trigger other anxiety symptoms to occur. When used at night, this plant also helps improve the quality of sleep, which often dramatically decreases the prevalence of anxiety during the daytime hours. Its calming impact on the gastric system even helps your stomach from churning or knotting up in response to stress.

Bright green leafs in bunches of lemon balmCalms the mind and the body relieving anxiety

Passion Flower

Passion flower offers a mild reduction in anxiety symptoms, including restlessness and difficulty sleeping. The flower effectively increases the healthy brain chemical, gamma aminobutyric acid, which helps block your brain from sending distressing impulses to your nervous system. This supplement rivals the effectiveness of prescription medications designed to treat anxiety. Researchers have even used this supplement as a treatment for anxiety before surgery with great success.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko biloba supplements have been utilized for thousands of years as a well accepted treatment for anxiety and other mood disorders. These natural supplements for anxiety help promote healthy brain function to eliminate anxious reactions to sudden stressors. This supplement sends antioxidants to the brain tissue to prevent free radicals from causing potentially irreversible damage. As a result, regularly taking gingko biloba encourages the generation of calm, rational thoughts, rather than worried rumination.

A branch with fruit on it of Gingko Biloba. The fruit is a pale brown and the leaves are green.Been used for anxiety for thousands of years

Taking Natural Supplements for Anxiety

You must give the supplements for anxiety time to start reversing the symptoms caused by this bothersome condition. Oftentimes, ongoing anxiety can cause some learned behaviors that take a while to resolve. You might find yourself becoming agitated and stressed when you suspect a triggering event will soon occur. Over time, the lack of a physical response will help you let go of these learned behaviors, which allows your remaining anxiety symptoms to slowly disappear. Remember to log your anxious reactions alongside your supplement types and dosage levels to gauge the effectiveness of your chosen routine.

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