4 Benefits of Following a Strict No Sugar Diet

The No Sugar Diet is good for you, read about it here. Although it can take years, when a bad diet catches up to you, the repercussions are difficult to reverse. Thankfully, you can keep your system healthy well into the future by correcting your diet before the fallout becomes noticeable. One simple way to clean up your diet is by almost completely eliminating sugar and other sweeteners.

Even natural sweeteners have the potential to wreak havoc on your mental and physical well-being. If you decide to follow a strict no sugar diet, you can expect to enjoy the four following benefits.  

Clear skin

When you eat sugar, your body turns it into glucose that travels through your bloodstream. When the glucose reaches your skin cells, it adheres to the collagen and causes irritation. In addition, your insulin levels spike in response to the release of glucose, which triggers inflammation at the cellular level.

These factors cause your skin to develop surface level blemishes and cystic acne. If you are prone to psoriasis, eczema or rosacea, sugar consumption can cause symptom flare-ups to occur as well. When you follow a no sugar diet, your breakouts will clear up and stay away for good. 

Weight Loss

Although eating more calories than you expend causes weight gain, sugar consumption does play a role in continued gains and slowed losses. A recent study revealed a striking link between the consumption of sugar and the potential for obesity. Quite simply, when more sugar was consumed, weight went up, and when sugar consumption dropped, so did the pounds. When you follow a no sugar diet, you may find it much easier than ever before to drop the pounds and keep them off.

A woman with her jeans now containing several extra inches of space since she started losing weight by avoiding sugarWatch the inches melt away when sugar is removed from the diet

Even Mood

Even in small amounts, sugar has the potential to heighten feelings of depression and cause unwarranted moodiness. Right after eating sugar, the increased glucose flowing through your body can cause irritability, restlessness and anxiety. Hours later, the sugar crash kicks in and flips your mood around with lethargy, sadness and poor concentration.

When you kick sugar out of your diet, your brain starts relying on ketones for energy. This stable energy source provides the fuel your brain needs without the spikes and crashes that can affect your well-being.

The word mood written in the center of what looks like a metal frame around the word moodAvoid the mood crashes, avoid sugar

More Energy

Your body also relies on glucose for energy when you regularly consume sugar. The constant fluctuations of energy make your body feel overworked and worn out before the day is over. As with your brain, your body can make good use of ketones for energy after taking glucose out of the equation.

You may notice your sustained energy stores steadily increasing as you drop sugary substances from your diet. Since carbohydrates turn into glucose as well, it may be beneficial to limit your carb consumption in addition to cutting sweeteners out of your diet. Keeping your net carbs down to 20 a day will likely provide the biggest boost to your energy levels.

The word energy with a lightening bolt for the letter Cut carbs, get energy

Starting Your No Sugar Diet Plan

To start your no sugar diet plan, you can either cut out the sweeteners gradually or dump them all at once. You will need to reach a point where sweets of all kinds are completely eliminated from your diet. Once you reach that point, you will likely notice the above benefits and an overall sense of wellness.

Unfortunately, when you add sugar back into your diet, the benefits you enjoyed will likely disappear. After abstaining from sugar for an extended period of time, even a simple dessert or sweetened beverage, for example, can make you feel sluggish and moody.

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