6 Ways a Nox Supplement Will Supercharge Your Workouts

A nox supplement can help. You work hard in the gym, pushing more weight every week, drinking your pre- and post-workout shakes while taking the time to rest and recover so your body can rebuild stronger than before. But you want more. Well, here’s a supplement that just might put you over the top.

5 Ways a Nox Supplement Will SuperCharge Your Gains 


If you're putting in a lot of effort at the gym and are always tired the next day to the extent that you need days to recover, a Nox supplement will help.

It will boost blood flow to your tissues, encouraging your smooth muscles to relax, allowing better oxygen delivery to voluntary muscles.

Recovering faster between workouts means more frequent training sessions. This will translate into better results. Keep in mind that more frequent strength training sessions without proper recovery will spell poor results. So don’t forget how important recovery is.

A silhouette of a man running, working out, with an EKG reading of his heart in the back ground and red blood cells flowing in the back groundA nox supplement will boost blood flow to your tissues


Endurance athletes training for distance events can derive serious benefits from a Nitric oxide (nox) supplement. It’s usually thought of as more of a strength training aid, but limiting it to this role would be a mistake. Because endurance performance heavily depends on oxygen supply and movement, boosted oxygen delivery will allow you to work longer without early fatigue.

Anyone training for endurance, especially those racing at high altitude, should seriously consider using a nitric oxide supplement. At elevated altitudes, the reduced oxygen availability is going to be very noticeable. By using Nox, you can offset this effect so it will feel more like the training conditions your system is accustomed to.

A woman in black and white running on the pavementNox Supplements help endurance related athletes


Another important benefit of nitric oxide on an athlete’s performance is that the improved blood flow will enable you to more easily maintain your core temperature equilibrium.

When your body temperature begins to spike during heavy workout sessions, your body will attempt to cool itself down so that you don’t suffer an overheating injury. With improved blood flow, your system will be able to cool itself down using less energy than it would otherwise.

That means you’ll have even more energy to use for training.

A gas pump that reads More energy results


If you’re looking to burn fat and achieve that lean, hungry look with better definition, a Nitric oxide supplement is the thing for you. The elevated oxygen levels cause your metabolism to burn hotter, eating up more unused calories and fat. It doesn’t take a nutritionist with a Ph.D. in cellular microbiology to see why that would be a good thing.

A stamp of the word metabolism in red bold lettersA hotter burning metabolism


The final benefit we’ll discuss is the amazing muscle pumps you’ll get after your workouts. When you use nitric oxide, your muscle pumps will be more noticeable and will last a little while longer.

Because muscle pumps are a result of increased circulation to your muscle tissue, the circulation boosting effect of nitric oxide offers an obvious enhancement.

There’s nothing quite as reinforcing as the pumps you get after your workouts, and you can count on your Nox to put your pumps on overdrive, which will get you even more motivated to get in there and crank out those reps!

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