Understanding the Link Between Nutrition and Depression

Nutrition and depression can be linked. Whether your depression symptoms arrive seasonally, or continue year round, you can benefit from maximizing your nutrient intake to control this distressing condition. Nutrition and depression go hand in hand, especially when vitamin and mineral deficiencies occur. You can control the debilitating depression symptoms that negatively affect your life by making good dietary choices and taking regular nutritional supplements. Here’s what you need to know to get started on relieving your depression symptoms.

Depression Causes

Although different events trigger its appearance, depression is caused by an imbalance of chemicals in your brain. The triggering events that cause depression symptoms to develop range from chronic stress to medication reactions. Serious illnesses and nutritional deficiencies also frequently contribute to the development of depression. No matter the cause, without intervention, you may end up battling the effects of this condition for a lifetime.

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Nutrients That Ease Depression

You may be able to mitigate the depression symptoms by keeping iron, vitamin D and beneficial gut bacteria, or probiotics, at steady levels. You can try each of these options separately to determine which ones provide the greatest benefits. If you determine two or more provide minor improvements, combining them can multiply their positive impact on your system.


When you lack enough iron in your diet, or cannot absorb adequate amounts through your intestine due to complicating health disorders, you may develop anemia. The stress of anemia can cause depression to develop, especially when you remain deficient for a long period of time. Anemia also triggers symptoms that are quite similar to the ones caused by depression, such as fatigue and loss of interest in daily activities.

Vitamin D

Sunshine does not only relieve depression symptoms due to its beauty and warmth, it is also providing your body with much needed vitamin D. The link between nutrition and depression becomes quite obvious when vitamin D is lacking. Even after fighting the depression symptoms and regaining a healthy state of mind, each dip in vitamin D levels will cause your symptoms to reappear with a vengeance.


The health of your brain and digestive system are directly linked together. If you hear bad news, for example, you might instantly develop a stomachache. Poor gastric health, especially when caused by bacterial imbalances, has an equal impact on the health of your brain. If the levels of bad bacteria outweigh the good, depression has a high chance of occurring. As a result, probiotics, like the ones found in cultured yogurt, demonstrate a unique ability to relieve symptoms of depression.

Combining Nutrition and Depression Treatments

As you experiment with your personal link between nutrition and depression, you may discover a dire need for specific nutrients. If you find that a particular supplement provides a dramatic reduction in your symptoms, you might benefit from having your doctor monitor your nutrient levels. Your doctor may have you stop taking the supplement for a couple weeks before performing the blood test to check for deficiencies. After that, you can resume taking the supplement and netting the provided benefits. If severe deficiencies are found, however, your doctor may suggest a higher supplement dosage or a more aggressive supplementation schedule.

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