Nutrition Tips For Weight Loss Part II

Nutrition tips for weight loss knows weight loss. Cauliflower is an important food that has many benefits. It is high in fiber and we all know that fiber is excellent for our health (increased satiety, good bowel movements, functional digestive tract and many other health and body situational benefits). Even more, the nutritionist that was very skinny that I talked to at the Veteran Hospital recommended mixed beans for their high fiber content. Researchers have proven that diets rich in fiber aid the management of weight loss. Even more interesting is the fact that estrogens from the environment have been linked to belly fat. A nutrient called a phytonutrient known as indole-3-carbinol in cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables fights off these harmful estrogens. 

Nutrition tips for weight loss knows onions. Onions have special properties that give it cardiovascular benefits such as a reduced blood pressure and smaller amounts of bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol. Other cardiovascular benefits comes from a nutrient in onions known as quercetin. Once in the blood, which it is twice as good as tea at getting into and three times better than apples at getting into causes a reduction in high blood pressure, a problem plaguing many people this 21st century. Onions organize  their carbs as fructans, which are known for prebiotic effects. Healthy bacteria in the gut flora eat this fructan substance as food, giving onions a beneficial probiotic account. 

2 full onions and one onion chopped in half sitting next to one another.Onions have healthy effects on the gut

Nutrition Tips For Weight Loss Goes Onward

Nutrition tips for weight loss knows garlic. Garlic is another beneficial member of the Allium Family just like onions. Its most beneficial property is that of allicin which comes from flavonols and sulfides. Allicin is tricky because it is not contained in natural garlic. It doesn't become activated by enzymes until crushing or chopping the garlic happens. It is being heralded as one of the world's most effective antioxidants. Cooking deactivates the process that produces allicin which is why garlic should sit for 10 minutes after its crushed or chopped. This would result in more allicin. Like onions, garlic is cardioprotective. It reduces LDL Cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and improves blood pressure. In addition, something that isn't found too often is the property of garlic to stop atherosclerosis "the hardening of the arteries" that results when too much junk food is consumed. 

Bananas are an incredible fat burning food despite reports to the contrary. If you decide not to eat this food then you could be missing a huge opportunity to suppress your appetite and burn fat at the same time. With a banana is Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Fiber, Manganese, Biotin and Copper. What's interesting is what's called resistant starch of which bananas are one of the best sources of. The resistant starch is what is responsible for satiety both short and in the long term. Fat oxidation also comes from resistant starch along with reduced adipocyte (fat cells) fat storage. Insulin sensitivity has shown to improve following a diet with bananas in it. So don't fail to pass up on those bananas. I've personally had good success with eating a banana a day and having that stop me from eating snacks in between meals. I also always think of this picture I saw of a man with a ripped 8 pack holding what he eats in front of him in the photo and that was a banana. 

5 Bananas in a bundle one next to another, they are just a little pre-ripe at the moment.Bananas reduce hunger, fight fat and improve insulin sensitivity while being low calorie.

Apples are a wonderful fat burner but lets look more closely at interesting research to discover their mechanism of action. Apples contain a flavonol known as quercetin which is found in a lot of veggies and fruits. Quercetin inactivates two key enzymes in the body that break down carbs into sugar or glucose. It works as a "natural carb blocker" and so can reduce blood sugar after a meal. A good way to take advantage of this would be to include an apple in all of your carbohydrate rich meals, unless of course you need the glucose such as during a post-workout meal. Apples contain pectin which is the best fiber, you can supplement with it as well.

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