3 Safe And Effective Nutritional Supplements for Children

You may be wondering, what are some nutritional supplements for children? You can help your children remain healthy through their formative years by giving them carefully selected supplements on a daily basis.

For example, you may want to use nutritional supplements for children to make up for nutritional deficiencies caused by food aversions and dietary restrictions. The supplements also help support the immune system to keep your kids from catching every illness that comes their way, potentially keeping the whole household well throughout the cold and flu season.

Supplements even have the power to regulate the digestive system and improve mood. Here are three safe and effective supplements you may want to include in your kids’ daily routine.

Vitamin C

If your child avoids certain foods or has to abide by dietary restrictions, you might worry about his or her daily vitamin and mineral intake. You can maximize the amount of vitamins and minerals your child’s body absorbs from food by providing a daily dose of vitamin C. This important nutrient also helps scrapes, cuts and bruises heal faster while keeping infections at bay. In fact, vitamin C provides the whole immune system with support as it combats germs that kids commonly encounter every day.


If your child is always on the low end of the pediatric growth charts for height and weight, it may be beneficial to add a zinc supplement to reverse a deficiency that is possibly affecting growth. As a vital part of daily nutritional supplements for children, zinc actively helps prevent colds and infections by boosting the immune system. Taking zinc after developing a cold can even help reduce the illness’s severity and duration. Some kids who take zinc develop a longer attention span and improved memory abilities, which increases their success in school.

Zinc as seen from the periodic table of elements in pink and grey.Helps prevent colds and infections


Probiotics help regulate your child’s digestive system, especially after taking a round of antibiotics. These nutritional supplements for children restore beneficial bacteria in the gastric system to keep the illness-causing bacteria at bay. After a few short weeks of taking this supplement, the bacteria-balancing effects may help prevent the development of allergies or reduce the symptoms of atopic eczema. Healthy bacteria colonies in the gut can even have a positive impact on your child’s mood and ability to handle stress.

The probiotic lactobacillus written on a white background with related words written around it at different angles, font size and color.Probiotics can have a positive impact on your child's mood and ability to handle stress!

Selecting Nutritional Supplements for Children

You may provide your kids with separate supplement formulas or pick up a multivitamin that includes all of the nutrients in one dose. Since they provide nearly all the vitamins required each day, multivitamins are especially helpful if your kids are food averse or have dietary restrictions. You will want to select a multivitamin lacking iron, however, unless your child’s pediatrician notes an iron deficiency during routine blood tests.

To make the process of taking supplements easier on your child, select chewable or gummy formulas. These flavorful, easy-to-consume supplement formulas eliminate the oft-frustrating process of having your child try to swallow tablets. Make sure to put the supplements in a secure location, out of reach of your children, as their fruity flavor can prove tempting. The storage location should remain cool and dry to ensure the supplements retain their effectiveness and continue to provide the expected benefits.

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