Reach Your Goals Fast With The Omron Fat Loss Monitor

The omron fat loss monitor comes from a great brand. Fat loss in not linear, so you could do all of the right things and still fail to see the expected results on the scale. Furthermore, you could be losing fat and clothing sizes without immediately dropping any pounds.

Part of the reason for that is the exercise you complete replaces fat with muscle. You may also need to wait for your body to shed water and show your true fat loss results on the scale. Unfortunately, waiting to actually see the results of your hard work can feel really demoralizing. Thankfully, you can use the Omron Fat Loss Monitor to track other important measurements and see your results in real time.

The omron fat loss monitor with two handles sticking upwards on top of a table at the gym.BMI and Body Fat Percentage Displayed At One Time

Device Usage Tips

With this device, you should take your readings right after waking up to obtain the most accurate figures. If you wait until later in the day, delay your measurements sessions for at least two hours after eating a large meal, drinking lots of water, exercising or taking a long bath. Increased hydration levels can dramatically skew your results for that particular reading.  

Body Fat Percentage

You simply hold the grips on the fat loss monitor, press the start button and the device automatically measures your body fat percentage in just seven seconds. The device uses the bioelectrical impedance method to analyze your body composition and provide accurate fat percentage numbers. The provided results closely mimic the readings obtained with the standard caliper test.

A woman pinching her belly fat into a fold and measuring it with calipers but struggling to do so, it is too cumbersome for her.Forget clunky calipers!

Body Mass Index

The device quickly calculates your body mass index, or BMI, using the height and weight figures stored in your personal profile. If you are working toward a healthy weight, you want to achieve a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9, which indicates you are at a normal weight for your height. If you decide to build muscle after reaching a normal weight, you will want to rely on the body fat percentage readings more than your BMI, as a high muscle mass can skew body mass index results.

A body mass index chart that uses weight vs. height and different colored zones to indicate if you are normal or too heavy.Weight Vs. Height

Supportive Features

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor has room for nine separate profiles and tracking histories. When you make your profile, you have the ability to select between the standard or athlete modes to further improve the accuracy of your readings. The LCD display allows you to immediately read your results and browse through your tracking history with ease. You can switch the readings from imperial units to metric and back again as you see fit.

Tracking Your Omron Fat Loss Monitor Measurements

You can track the measurements you gather from your Omron Fat Loss Monitor and personal scale to create a clear look at your progress on your weight loss journey. Use a tracking app or spreadsheet that allows you to convert the measurements into a line graph. The body fat, BMI and weight measurements will likely show a downward trend as you work toward your body composition goals.

Do not allow yourself to get discouraged by temporary spikes in your measurements. Your body has to adapt to the changes, usually by temporarily boosting water retention, before the fat loss or weight numbers consistently reflect the actual adjustments.  

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