4 Ways Optimum Nutrition Protein Powder Can Benefit Your Health

The full lineup of Optimum Nutrition protein powders has the nutrients your body needs to remain healthy through drastic compositional changes. As you work hard to lose weight or build muscle, you can keep your body healthy and energized by regularly consuming protein powder. The nutrients inside protein powder can even help you reach your weight loss or muscle growth goals faster and easier than ever. Read on to learn the four main health benefits provided by these highly efficient protein powder formulas.  

Blood Pressure Improvements

When you add dietary protein supplements to your nutrition regimen, you help protect your heart from the effects of high blood pressure. Dietary protein actively reduces your systolic blood pressure, which reduces your chance of developing hypertension in the future. You can obtain additional benefits by eliminating high glycemic index foods from your diet, as these sugar-laden substances often temporarily raise blood pressure readings almost immediately after eating.

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Digestive System Support

Optimum Nutrition protein powder not only decrease hunger pangs throughout the day, but it also promotes the healthy function of your digestive system. The amino acids naturally found in whey protein help fight against inflammation that contributes to the development of digestive disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, and colitis.  Furthermore, the protein slows down digestion to help your body maximize the absorption of nutrients from the food you eat.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Since protein powder decreases hunger and slows digestion, you may notice that your blood sugar remains at a healthy level throughout the day. The days of experiencing a dramatic sugar crash after a carbohydrate heavy meal are likely over after introducing protein powder into your daily routine. Of course, avoiding high glycemic foods altogether provides similar benefits, but that is not always easy to do. If you have diabetes, choose a low sugar protein powder product to help regulate your blood sugar and improve your body’s glucose response.

Body Composition Changes

Optimum Nutrition protein powder can help you quickly achieve your body composition goals, including weight loss and muscle gain. To lose weight fast without sacrificing your muscle tone, you can replace small meals with a serving or two of protein powder. The high protein content in the powder will help your body retain its lean muscle mass as it burns your fat stores through calorie restriction and exercise.

If you already reached your optimal weight, and just want to gain muscle, you can consume shakes made with protein powder after your exercise sessions. The protein will give your muscles the fuel they need to grow bigger and stronger after demanding lifting sessions. You can even pair the protein powder with dietary sources, such as lean meat and eggs, before your workouts to provide your body with hours of fuel for extended exercise sessions, including team sports.

Choosing Your Optimum Nutrition Protein Powder Formula

Optimum Nutrition has a full line of powder mixes created from different four different protein sources: egg, soy, casein and whey. A fifth option features a blend of whey and egg protein that provides more than double the protein per serving. The Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder remains a fan favorite, however, as it has minimal ingredients, yet provides a nice balance of nutrients. Each Optimum Nutrition protein powder formula comes in a variety of flavors, ranging from chocolate peanut butter to strawberry. You will need to try the various options for yourself to find the one that works best for your system.

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