The P90X Nutrition Plan for Extreme Fitness

The P90X workout program is designed to help you develop a lean and strong body within 90 days, and as one would expect, it comes with a companion nutrition plan, the P90X Nutrition Plan. It comes in three phases and is intended to provide a good and solid nutritional foundation for new muscle development and rapid fat loss.

This nutrition plan is not a low-calorie diet. It is designed to provide nutrient rich and high protein foods that will deliver the energy and building blocks you will need for rigorous P90X workouts. Anyone considering this diet should consult their physician beforehand.

A man and woman in a black and white photo in gym attire with the man pulling two cords across his body in an X pattern and the woman looking away. The title is p90xRigorous workouts should be supplemented with the best nutrition, you owe it to yourself

The Basics of the P90X Nutrition Plan

In the first 30 days of this plan, you will be getting as much as 50% of your total calories from protein, 30% will come from carbs, and 20% will be made up of healthy fats. If you were, for example, taking in getting 225 grams of protein, 40 grams of fat, and 135 grams of carbs, that would add up to 1,800 calories each day.

You are not required to count calories while on this diet- but it is recommended that you keep track of which of three calorie levels you’re adhering to: 1,800, 2,400, or 3,000. The recommended calorie intake level will be determined by your body weight and your level of activity. Your calorie level will also determine the size of the servings that make up each food type.

In order to keep your focus on foods that are healthy, the program directs you to remove all of the processed foods from your diet. Frozen foods, candy, chips, soda and so on are all off of the table- literally. Some other guidelines include eating smaller portions at greater intervals and taking in plenty of water as well as keeping a record of everything you eat.

The P90X nutrition plan is intended to accompany a famously intense workout plan and exercise regimen, cutting calories is not a part of the agenda. You will need lots of healthy nutrition in order to keep up with the demands of this stringent fitness program. In order to lose fat, it is necessary that you intake fewer calories than you burn. The calorie deficit called for in this program is achieved by taking very large amounts of calories to support your exercise routine as opposed to by losing weight by diet alone.

You'll have lean protein at each meal, like lean pork, egg whites, skinless poultry, lean red meat, fish and shellfish, and veggie burgers. High carb foods like legumes, rice, and potatoes are okay, but you’re limited to one serving each day. Any veg and fruit are acceptable, but fruit allowances are 1 to 2 servings a day. You’re allowed one serving of healthy fats at each meal from olive oil, avocado, canola oil or flaxseed oil. Beach Body, the fitness company that created the P90X fitness and diet plan, offers protein bars and protein shakes that are allowed in the P90X nutrition plan, but they are not required.

By following the program and eating the plan perfectly you may be as fit as the woman below in the vid sooner or later. 

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