4 Amazing Aspects Of Pomegranate Nutrition

Pomegranate nutrition is here! With the sharp learning curve associated with separating the arils, pomegranates have long been regarded as a novelty in the fruit section. Many people would buy it once, and then never again, after struggling to collect all of the jewel-like arils inside without breaking them open.

Fortunately, pomegranate has recently come into popularity due to smart aril collection techniques shared across many social media platforms. The creation of commercial juice products featuring this fruit also helped bring pomegranate nutrition into the limelight. Like many similar fruits, the pomegranate provides a healthy mix of beneficial nutrients in a single 100 gram serving.

Here are just four of the nutrients provided by this seemingly difficult, yet delicious, fruit.

Vitamin C

Just over ½ cup of arils, or 100 grams of this fruit, will provide your body with 17% of the vitamin C you need for the day. Vitamin C has a great reputation for its ability to support your immune system and keep illnesses at bay. This important nutrient also keeps your body strong by improving the absorption of vitamins and minerals you receive from both food and supplements. Furthermore, consuming 100% of the vitamin C your body requires can improve the condition of your skin and protect the health of your organs.

Vitamin K

When you eat a serving of pomegranate, you consume nearly ¼ of your percent daily value of vitamin K. Since this vitamin is not often included in supplement formulas, you usually need to obtain your full daily allotment from food, such as leafy greens and eggs. Adequate intake of vitamin K ensures your blood clots properly after an injury and protects the health of your cardiovascular system. Vitamin K can even help protect your bones from the onset of age-related conditions, including osteoporosis.

A giant K filled with fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin K, some of these are grapes (green and purple), pears, asparagus and lettuce.


Upon embracing the benefits provided by pomegranates, you will keep your potassium at healthy levels for life. In fact, you will receive 7% of the potassium you require on a daily basis from a serving of this fruit. This vital nutrient works with salt to effective balance the electrolytes in your body. You must maintain proper potassium levels to prevent heart problems from developing down the line. Furthermore, potassium can help keep your muscles healthy and prevent cramping in your legs or feet after heavy exercise sessions or while sleeping.

A green stamp that stamped 6 times in two rows the word potassium in boldYou'll receive 7% of your daily value of potassium from a single serving of pomegranates


Pomegranate nutrition would not be complete without each serving providing your body with 10% of the folate it needs daily. Folate, also called vitamin B-9, supports your body in the production of healthy blood cells to prevent anemia from developing. This vitamin helps your body absorb many other nutrients as food passes through the digestive system. When you keep your folate levels high, you may give your body extra protection against memory loss, depression and sleep problems, including insomnia.

A picture of foods rich in folate such as beets, avocado, papaya, okra, seeds & nuts leafy greens and more!

Embracing Pomegranate Nutrition

You can enjoy the benefits of pomegranate nutrition by integrating this fruit into your daily diet. Pomegranate juice can also provide all of these vitamins, but make sure to select a brand that does not add too much extra sugar. In some areas, you can even find the arils sold separately in small containers, as a quick and easy snack to take on the road. If you cannot find the actual fruit, aril containers or juice in your area, you may obtain the above nutrients by consuming pomegranate extracts or supplements instead.

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