4 Smart Reasons The Popcorn Diet Really Works

The popcorn diet is easy. Although many people see the popcorn diet as the latest craze, a fad not meant to last, this weight loss program has the potential to provide amazing results. The reason being, this diet easily addresses the two main failure points of traditional low calorie diets – debilitating hunger and food cravings.

As you may know well, popcorn is not only filling, but also easily transforms from savory to sweet without adding too many extra calories. To follow this eating program, you simply replace as many sides and snacks as you can with popcorn. If you are on the fence about this new diet program, give the four reasons below a chance to sway your decision. And think, all you need is an air popper

Low Calorie

Whether you use it as a side or a snack, three servings of popcorn remains just under 100 calories, making it an excellent choice while trying to lose weight. Of course, this figure does not include the oil used while popping the corn or butter you might want to pour over afterward. You can keep the calories from piling up by using an air popper and dressing your popcorn with low calorie butter substitutes or flavor additions.

A red and green sign rolled a little on the right that reds NO Calories.Very little calories in air popped popcorn

Addresses Cravings

Sudden sweet or savory cravings can threaten to throw you off course while following a weight loss diet. Luckily, you can address your cravings by using herbs, spices and other flavors to transform your bowl of popcorn into a substitute for your favorite high calorie, decadent foods. For savory popcorn, coat the popped kernels with a teaspoon of olive oil and lemon pepper or Old Bay seasoning. Cinnamon mixed with your favorite sugar substitute gives your popcorn a hint of sweetness without extra carbohydrates or calories.

Slows Consumption

If you choose to eat your popcorn kernel by kernel, it will take a considerable amount of time to consume your three cup allotment while on the popcorn diet. When you eat slowly, you give your brain time to receive satiety signals from your stomach. Without these signals, it is very easy to consume far too many calories and end up with a bellyache. When on a low calorie diet, eating too fast can leave you feeling hungry and demoralized after meals, which can also trigger overeating. Therefore, it is in your best interest to savor every popcorn kernel and give your body a chance to feel satisfied.

High Fiber

Each cup of popcorn you eat fills your gut with a gram of insoluble fiber. The fiber helps your stomach feel full after eating and offsets the natural carbohydrate content in this food. Since your body does not actually breakdown this type of fiber, it passes through your system without increasing your blood sugar. When coupled with slow consumption, high fiber foods, like popcorn, help tell your body you are full sooner in the meal, so you can stop eating without feeling deprived.

Best Ways To Enjoy The Popcorn Diet

With so many popcorn options on the market today, the popcorn diet is quite easy to follow. Air popped popcorn is great to make ahead of time and take it with you on the go. The kernels will usually taste fresh for up to a day after popping if you place it in an airtight container. If you prefer fresh, hot popcorn instead, you may pick up microwave varieties that lack the excess salt and butter. Make sure to measure out your serving before you start to eat to keep yourself from consuming this delicious treat.

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