The Top 3 Powerlifting Supplements

Powerlifting supplements help a lot. For the vast majority of serious weightlifters, the key to breaking through fitness plateaus and achieving bigger and better results all comes down to what powerlifting supplements you’re using. Using the best mixture of supplementation along with your workout regime and nutritional plan will stack the odds of success in your favor. So we’ve put together the seminal short list of the three must-have, must-use supplements to get your powerlifting performance over the top.

The Top 3 Most Important Powerlifting Supplements


Creatine comes first on any worthwhile list of this kind for the simple fact that so many successful weight trainers consider it number one on their lists. To get down to the basics of building muscle mass naturally, gaining strength, boosting performance and endurance, creatine is essential. It not only plays a critical role in the transformation of food into usable energy for the muscles by delivering valuable phosphocreatine, but it also allows the user’s body to manufacture larger amounts of ATP which supports size and strength development by providing the muscles with a short and quick burst of energy.

To put it simply, creatine is indispensable for anyone who wants to develop lean muscle. But what makes it the king of the powerlifting supplements is the fact that it has been proven to be completely safe, natural, and effective. It has zero unhealthy or dangerous side effects leaving you with no good reason not to use it.


To produce new muscle tissue protein powers are the best game in town. Protein powders provide the user with a convenient and affordable way to notch up their calorie intake and pump the building blocks of muscle-fiber straight into their diet. Whey protein is far and away the most popular variety and comes most commonly from cow’s milk. Made up of short chain amino acids, whey protein is metabolized very quickly. It also has a nearly optimal muscle support to amino acid ratio.

Whey is generally considered to be the best tasting form of protein- and that’s important when you’re pushing your willpower to the limit. There are a variety of protein products that use only whey, which is a good way to achieve steady and predictable results.

A scoop of vanilla whey protein an a scoop of chocolate whey protein.Whey Protein will increase your strength


You won’t see joint support on many other fitness lists, but when it comes to powerlifting supps, joint support is an absolute must have. Serious powerlifting puts major stress and strain on the joints of your body. Incorporating a good joint support supplement into your routine will reduce painful inflammation. It will reduce and relieve the pain that can slow your workout, and in some cases, bring it to a halt.

A good joint support formula will provide you with glucosamine, gelatin, collagen, and chondroitin. If you’re a powerlifter and you haven’t latched on to a quality joint support supplement, then you’re going to notice a big difference after a week or two of taking it. You’ll experience much less inflammation, joint pain, and you may even be able to get off most, if not all, of those over-the-counter pain killers.

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