Probiotic Supplements: What They Do & Why You Need Them

Probiotic supplements can help. If you haven’t heard about probiotics by now, then you deserve the shock you’re about to get. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria and yeast that your body need to digest properly and fully. Emerging science is telling us that our probiotic load, or “gut flora” — is essential for eliminating toxins and waste and that even the health of our brains depends on the job that probiotics do for us every day.

Probiotics are now known to be an essential component of fitness nutrition. This is because we cannot get all the nutrition out of our food without them. Unfortunately, because of the prevalence of antibiotics in our foods and medicine, many people are sorely lacking in gut flora. Not to worry — a number of solutions are available. Among the least painful of these solutions is to start eating yogurt every day. But if you need a quicker boost to your intestinal bacterial colony, you can find a number of probiotic supplements currently on the market.

What Probiotic Supplements Do

For one thing, probiotics help to digest your food. Every living creature has them, but they do a lot more to boost your health than just throwing in some extra enzymes after you eat that 9-ounce steak.

Immunity Support

Probiotics also provide a great addition to your immune system. Like your stomach acid, the digestive flora you get in probiotics will stand between the entry to your bloodstream and hostile invaders that may enter your gut. In many cases, where your stomach enzymes and antibodies aren’t enough, your gut flora kick in to finish the job.

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Weight Loss

A great deal of research is now available that claims the gut flora you get from probiotic supplements can even help keep you thin. The science is fairly complex, but the gist of the theory is that probiotics will often consume some of the things we eat that would otherwise be stored as fat. As a weight loss plan, using probiotics is not a top idea, but it is definitely a good way to help ensure that you’re getting proper nutrition.

Tissue Health

Another notable benefit to having a good crop of gut flora thriving in your belly is they have been proven to ward off other bacteria that will flourish in their absence. Hostile gut flora will fill your intestines with harmful waste products that cause systemic inflammation, which has been known to exacerbate all kinds of conditions, from heart disease to Alzheimer’s and macular degeneration. Other natural inflammatory compounds, such as those found in good quality olive oil, have been shown to help lower the risk of illness and premature death in all populations. Additionally, when it comes to better fitness, having better overall tissue health will make your workouts more enjoyable and more effective.

A wide variety of probiotic supplements are currently on the market. Some of these are meant for long-term use and will help maintain your gut flora, while others are designed to give you a quick boost after, say, a long road trip with a lot of unhealthy food indulgences. The bottom line is that probiotic bacteria is an important part of good nutrition, and you should make sure you’re getting the amount you need by taking supplements with the good bacteria in them as well as the foods that naturally contain them.

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