5 Health Repercussions Caused By Following Rapid Weight Loss Diets

For most people, a healthy weight loss rate is just one to two pounds a week on average. Since weight loss is not linear, you might stall out for a couple weeks here and there, making the journey take even longer. As you work toward your goal weight, you may frequently feel demotivated and discouraged by this slow, metered approach.

Rapid weight loss diets, on the other hand, definitely allow you to drop the pounds fast, though the results never seem to last. In fact, 95% of people on rapid weight loss diets regain all of the pounds they lost within just a few years. In addition, these extreme diet plans may also cause the five following health repercussions to occur.

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Mood swings

While on rapid weight loss diets, you must cut back your food intake to keep your calorie consumption well below your daily expenditure. As a result, meals may be few and far between for an extended period of time. These prolonged periods of low blood sugar can wreak havoc on your mood, causing irritability, anger, and melancholy.  

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Cognitive Decline

Your brain does not store energy from food. Instead, it utilizes nutrients flowing through your blood. Without regular meals, your blood cells do not deliver enough nutrients to your brain, resulting in difficulties concentrating and thinking clearly. You might also find your ability to think rationally and use good judgement decreases while on a rapid weight loss diet.

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Low blood sugar levels can contribute to the development of constant headaches. The lack of glucose or ketone bodies in your blood can trigger the release of stress hormones as your body struggles to work without an adequate energy supply.

The stress hormones tighten up your blood vessels and cause severe headaches to occur. Sometimes, these headaches cause nausea and vomiting as well. If you are naturally prone to migraines, this effect is even more pronounced.


Without the consumption of adequate calories each day, you will slowly fall into a pattern of daily physical and mental fatigue. Even after a full night’s rest, you may wake up feeling drained and tired.

Although your body converts fat stores into energy, the lack of vitamins and minerals can decrease your strength and stamina considerably. Your body will quickly become deficient in nutrients that prevent fatigue, such as B vitamins, magnesium, and folic acid.

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Muscle Loss

As you lose weight, you need to keep your protein in the target range for your weight and activity levels to avoid losing muscle mass. When you fail to eat a balanced diet, your protein levels will continually fall short of the targets. Your body might respond by dropping pounds of muscle rather than fat. You might also notice pronounced weakness, fatigue, and a general feeling of malaise until you boost your protein intake into the healthy range.

Ending Your Reliance On Rapid Weight Loss Diets

When you avoid rapid weight loss diets in favor of healthy, well balanced alternatives, you are much more likely to keep the pounds off in the long term. A healthy diet may make your weight loss journey take longer, but it will be much easier on your physical and mental wellbeing.

You can use the extra time to establish good eating habits that will last for life. After reaching your goal weight, you can continue to eat nutritional foods in healthy portions to ensure you keep the weight off and remain in excellent health.

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