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The raw food diet eaters speak in terms of how much raw food they eat. Some claim to be 70% or 90% or completely raw. Supposedly, being just 50% raw long term can make a significant difference in your life. Kate Magic of “Eat Smart, Eat Raw” found herself increasingly eating raw foods more often because they simply made her feel better. She felt “new levels of energy and the sense of liberation that raw foods gave her, and cooked foods left her on a downer.” Kate really wanted to feel good all the time, day in and day out.

Kate ate a dozen biscuits and that made her feel sick and tired. Instead, eating half a dozen apples would leave her feeling overfull but not ill. According to Kate, as she got used to eating healthy, nutritious raw foods on her diet, her body felt fed, nurtured and respected and her desire to binge eat went away. She now describes herself, not as ravenously hungry but satiated from small amounts of healthy food. She believes the nutrient dense foods meet her body’s requirements quickly and soundly.

Further, when you eat a package of biscuits, she believes your body looks ravenously for vitamins and minerals to meet its demand. When those nutrients aren’t met, the body keeps you hungry to plow through more foods until its needs are met leading to a binge eating episode, this is not so with raw foods. Kate was even able to cut back from eight to ten hours of sleep to six hours of sleep on the raw food diet!

Kate experienced quite a few perks when she adopted a raw diet. She felt tons more energy since her body didn’t spend so much energy on digestion anymore. Kate felt greater mental clarity and focus, she was alert more often and sharp. Other reported benefits were fewer bad moods, fewer bouts of depression and a more satisfied and contented attitude. Even trees in nature looked more green, the sky more blue and changes in seasons more apparent all due to her diet.

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Precaution needed with the raw food diet

You don’t have to start eating 100% raw overnight. Just from a 50% raw diet you can expect to reap monumental benefits. Taper into it. Start with a raw food every meal you eat, then once you have done this, increase the amount of raw food to cooked food slowly. Increase the portion of raw foods until you feel comfortable, typically around 70% raw. Some foods are not considered raw: nuts, dried fruits, olives, seasonings and dehydrated goods. To eat raw, try a raw diet of fresh, organic wholefoods, with fruit and vegetables as the main parts of your diet.

Be careful with this raw diet. It is not uncommon for raw food eaters to have trouble with their teeth. The acid in fruits can destroy tooth enamel, which leads to decaying teeth.  Fresh fruits aren’t as bad as the concentrated sugars in dried fruits and juices. To prevent tooth decay, don’t graze through out the day and practice good teeth brushing hygiene. Also, make sure to get enough calcium along with vitamin D in your diet. It is difficult to find vitamin D on a raw vegan diet.

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Why consume raw foods? 

If you’re wondering why so many biblical or religious people eat vegan or you suspect religious or biblical people of eating vegan than you’ll want to know about this hard to find passage from The Essene Gospel of Peace, where Jesus Christ advocates eating raw foods:

“But I do say to you Kill: neither men nor beasts, nor yet the food which goes into your mouth. For if you eat living food, the same will quicken you, but if you kill your food, the dead food will kill you also. For life comes only from life, and from death comes always death. For everything which kills your foods, kills your bodies also. And everything which kills your bodies kills your souls also. And your bodies become what your foods are, even as your spirits, likewise, become what your thoughts are. Therefore eat not anything which fire or frost, or water has destroyed, Fire burned, frozen and rotten foods will burn, freeze and rot your body also.”

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Eating a raw food diet can have quite a few beneficial effects on your life. You don’t have to turn to 100% raw foods overnight, you can instead taper into a raw food diet. Once eating 50% raw foods for a while you can expect to see a difference in your life. If you do decide to eat raw, make sure to pay attention to your teeth because they will be prone to tooth decay. Apparently, even Jesus preached a raw food diet to his followers. If you’re interested, why not give it a try? You can also try these raw food diet recipes to see if this is something you can tolerate.

Learn much more about the raw food diet from Kate Magic’s “Eat Smart Eat Raw.” I wasn’t surprised when I found out that Jesus supports eating raw as seen in “Eat smart Eat Raw.” Now, I know why so many of Jesus’ followers support vegan diets.

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