Resistance Band Exercises - Legs

Woman doing squats with resistance bandsSquats

Stand with feet shoulder width apart on a piece of tubing with two handles. Slip a broomstick through the handles of the tubing and raise the bar over your head, onto your back, just above your posterior deltoids. One strand of tubing should be on each side of your body. Place your hands just outside your shoulders on top of the handles to prevent them from slipping during the movement. Keep your head up, chest out, and shoulders back. You back should be flat with a slight arch at the base; feet are shoulder width apart. 

Point your toes outwards at an angle of 30-35 degrees. Inhale deeply and contract the muscles of the torso to help stabilize your upper body and keep your back flat. Descend by slowly lowering the buttocks towards the floor, keeping your hips under the bar as much as possible. Descend until the top of the thighs are parallel to the floor. The ascent starts with a powerful drive to accelerate yourself out of the bottom position. Keep your head looking up to help counter forward lean. Keep the muscle of your torso contracted throughout the ascent phase of the lift. Continue to push with your legs until you come to a full standing position. Take another deep breath and descend for the next rep. 

Woman doing a split squatSplit Squats

Stand with boot feet in the middle of a short piece of tubing holding a handle in each hand. Raise your hands to shoulder height. Keeping your torso upright take a long step backward with one leg, allowing the front leg to bend to 90 degrees. The back leg should be slightly bent. Keeping your torso upright at all times, push off the heal of the front foot and straighten the front leg, then lower yourself back to the starting position. Do not step back to the upright position until you have done the required number of repetitions, then stand upright and switch legs, repeating the same number of repetitions. 

Woman doing seated leg presses with resistance bandSeated Leg Presses

Sit in a straight back chair and straighten one leg so that it is parallel to the floor. Place the handle of the tubing over your foot so that the ball of your foot is against the handle and your toes point towards the ceiling. Hold the tubing tightly in your hands. Bend your knee so that your thigh moves towards your body. Straighten your leg, pressing the tubing handle away from you. Pause for a second and allow your knee to bend towards your body again. Straighten but do not lock your leg during the movement. 

Man on his stomach doing a hamstring curl with resistance bandsHamstring Curls

Lie face down on a bench with your knees just off the end of the bench. The tubing is attached under a door, to the leg of the bench or on a low wall rail hook. Slip your foot through the handle of the tubing so that the handle is across your Achilles tendon or wrap the tubing around your ankle. Hands should be holding onto the bench. Keeping your upper body flat against the bench, curl your legs and raise your heel towards your buttocks. When the full range of movement has been completed, lower your foot back to the starting position. Try to keep your hips on the bench at all times. 

Woman doing a glute press with resistance bandsGlute Press

Kneel on all fours, holding one end of the tubing under one hand. Slip the foot on the same side through the handle of the tubing so that the handle is at the ball of your foot. Press your leg straight back so that your leg is just above parallel to the floor. Bring your knee as close to your chest as possible and press it out again. This is an excellent exercise to work your buttocks. 

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