Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance band exercises with tubing has several advantages beyond that offered by strength training with machines and weights. Tubing is portable. It takes up very little space, and a complete program can be designed using tubing with two or three different resistances along with household items like broom handles, stools and chairs. 

This feature making tubing an ideal training tool for who who want to train at home and have limited space. Tubing can easily fit into an overnight bag or suitcase when you are traveling, allowing busy professionals to get in their workouts on the road. 

Tubing is also one of the most cost effective strengthening tools available, starting at under $5.00 for a single tube. A complete home tubing gym can be developed for under $75.00. The low price makes tubing the ideal equipment for settings like physical education and group fitness classes. 

Inspect your tubing before each use. Nicks and cuts will decrease the strength of tubing and lead to breakage. If you notice a cut in your tubing it is time for a replacement. Do not store you tubing in a box with sharp objects or tools and keep it away from sharp corners if you are tying it to benches or attaching it to door frames. If your tubing has handles inspect the grommets where the tubing is attached to the handle, as this is the point most likely to break. 

Resistance band exercises - Chest exercises

Man performing bench presses with tubesTube Bench Press

Wrap a piece of tubing under a weightlifting or picnic-table bench. Lie down on your back on the bench and grasp one end of the tubing in each hand. Starting with your hands beside your chest, press the tubing to arm's length. Lower the tubing back to chest level. Keep your feet planted firmly on the floor to help you maintain your balance. If your feet cannot reach the floor place a phone book or small stool under each foot to give yourself a firm base of support. 

Cartoon woman doing a resisted push upResisted Push Up

Wrap a piece of tubing around your shoulders and upper back, holding it at chest level. You may need to use a shorter piece of tubing or adjust your handhold so that the tubing is taught but not tight around your shoulders. Assume a push up position on the floor with one end of the tubing under each hand. Push yourself up, keeping your body straight and back flat. Lower yourself back to the ground. The tubing will add resistance making the push up harder than normal; if you cannot do a regular push up you should not attempt the resisted push up. Some people may find the tubing digs into their back, making it uncomfortable to do the exercise. If this is the case wrapping a towel around the tubing can provide some padding. 

Man doing resistance band crossoversResistance Band Crossovers

More resistance band exercises... 

Stand between two pieces of tubing attached above shoulder height; feet should be shoulder width apart. Grasp the handles with an overhand grip. Incline your trunk to about 30 degrees and with elbows slightly bent pull the handles together in front of your body. The movement used in the crossover is similar to hugging a tree, with your hands following a semi-circular path. 

Woman pressing resistance bands upwards at an inclineIncline Tube Press

Sit on an incline weightlifting bench or a high backed chair that reclines. The chair or bench should be inclined about 45 degrees. Wrap the tubing around the bench and grasp the tubing using an overhand grip. Starting with the hands at shoulder height, press the tubing upwards and backwards so that your upper arms are at the side of your head when your arms are straight. Lower the handles back to shoulder height. Try to keep your feet firmly planted on the floor and if you are using a chair be careful that you do not push with your legs and knock the chair over backwards. 

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