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The Scarsdale diet by Dr. Tarnower was met with a lot of success at its beginning. The diet began in Scarsdale N.Y, where it was quickly accepted. People claimed they lost a total of 20 pounds over a total of only 14 days. Not only that, they didn’t go hungry and they kept the weight off. One woman named it “THE ULTIMATE DIET…” so named by a friend that tried every diet imaginable before finding the Scarsdale diet.

One comment from a patient of the diet said, “I have completed 14 days of your diet and lost 14 pounds. This is the first diet that has worked for me that isn’t ridiculous starvation. It is a healthy diet that I can stick to until I reach my goal and get all my excess weight off.”

Another patient spoke about the longevity of the diet: “It’s three years now since I went on your Diet and slimmed down from 152 pounds to my desired 118 pounds.” Her medical problems all disappeared. She did this going through a simple Two-On-Two-off program without trouble.

What the Scarsdale diet isn't

What the Scarsdale medical diet isn’t, is a fad diet. Fad diets get passed around from friend to friend and some are actually dangerous to your health. These diets don’t exhibit longevity. The Scarsdale Medical Diet has been successful for over 40 years, meaning it has lasted much longer than your simple fad diet. At the time the diet was published, it was the year 1980. To this day, the search for the Scarsdale diet is popular with bing and google users. 

The Chinese writing for longevityThe ScarsDale Diet Has Existed Since 1980, It's not a fad diet

A pound lost per day is not uncommon

An average person’s intake of protein is 10-15 percent protein, 40-45 percent fat and 40-50 percent carbs. The Scarsdale Medical Diet averages 1,000 calories or less, 43% protein, 22.5% fat and 34.5% carbohydrates.

So that you don’t go too long without something such as sweets, the Scarsdale Medical Diet goes through its initial phase of 14 days and then switches to Dr. Tarnower’s Keep-Trim Program where the rules of dieting are relaxed somewhat. A pound of weight lost a day for the first 14 days is not an uncommon occurrence on this diet.

Dr. Tarnower struggled with creating delightful foods to eat while on the diet. He knows that 14 days of eating only apples, oranges, cottage cheese and bananas is not a sustainable diet plan. That’s just too boring.

The diet doesn’t depend on calorie counting or weighing out portions daily. It doesn’t count on you worrying over what’s for breakfast, or dinner, instead these decisions have been made for you In Chapter 4 of “The Complete ScarsDale Medical Diet” plus “Dr. Tarnower’s Lifetime Keep-Slim Program,” available on Amazon. Don’t let that prevent you from reading more about it. This book is available via Amazon for as little as a cent, just pay for shipping and handling.

Make sure to consult with a medical Dr. before making drastic changes to your body especially if you are seriously overweight or diabetic

Dr. Tarnower suggests that those overweight or obese now go on his diet but only with your doctor’s approval and continuing supervision. After you finish the initial 14 days, you’ll then go onto the Keep-Trim Eating and the Scarsdale Medical Diet plan for lifetime benefits.

What’s important on this diet and emphasized is the proper percentage of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Protein on this diet is more than three times the average diet and is at 43% instead of 10-15%. The fat emphasized is only 22.5% instead of 40-45%. This is reasonable because you are still allowed to eat some fat. It’s not as if you can’t have any fat in your diet. Carbs aren’t completely eliminated such as in the Atkins diet.

Protein written amongst other related terms such as 43% Of your Diet Should Be From Protein Instead of the average 10-15%

What's the 2-on-2 off about?

The Two-on-Two off program is explained: The first two weeks is the fundamental Scarsdale medical diet, where you eat fewer than 1000 calories and from a certain percentage of nutrients. Then, you go onto the Keep-Trim Program where you can eat from a greater selection of foods. If after 2 weeks on the Keep-Trim program, if you still have more weight to loss then you cycle back to the fundamental Scarsdale Diet for another 2 weeks, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, rinse and repeat for more weight loss.

10 Basic Rules

The Scarsdale diet has 10 basic rules to follow:

1.     Eat exactly as assigned, don’t substitute.
2.     Don’t drink any alcoholic beverages.
3.     Between meals you eat only carrots and celery, but you may have as much as you wish.
4.     The only beverages allowed are regular or decaffeinated coffee, black; tea, club soda; and diet sodas in all flavors. You may drink as often as you wish.
5.     Prepare all salads without oil, mayonnaise, or other rich dressings. Use only lemon and vinegar, or the vinaigrette or mustard dressing as seen in Dr. Tarnower’s book, Chapter 8 or dressings in Chapter 10.
6.     Eat vegetables without butter, margarine, or other fat; lemon may be used.
7.     All meat should be very lean; remove all visible fat before eating. Remove skin and fat from chicken and turkey before eating.
8.     It is not necessary to eat everything listed, but don’t substitute or add. Indicated combinations should be observed.
9.     Never overload your stomach. When you feel full, STOP!
10. Don’t stay on the diet more than fourteen days.

For the Scarsdale first 14 days diet menu click here.

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