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Shape, working out and exercises are essential to the development of 2CreateABody.com. Whether it be cardiovascular exercise, which I highly suggest so that you can see the definition of your muscle or if it is resistance training. If you are trying to build muscle than cardiovascular training may not be the best choice for your shape or body.

30 minutes is the maximum amount of cardio you should do if you want to retain muscle. That's because your body becomes catabolic and starts cutting into your hard earned muscle after 30 minutes.

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Exercises and reasons to shape yourself.

About one-third of US adults are obese (34.9%) and another one-third are overweight (BMI 25-30) according to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This means a lot of people are putting off physical training.

This puts people at risk for stroke, heart disease (the number one killer), type 2 diabetes and many cancers. What is worse, is that these ailments are all preventable with a good workout routine.

Amongst Non-Hispanic and Mexican-American men, those with higher incomes are more likely to be obese then those with lower incomes. 

With women, higher income women and more educated women are less obese than lower-income women. Amongst men, there is no relationship between obesity and education

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Workout tips for physical training from those that know working out...

1. Be consistent. Start light in your physical training if you need to. Start walking on the treadmill 20 minutes a day and increase it by 10 minutes every workout until your jogging or running. Burning an extra 300 calories a day consistently for 7 days a week instead of 3-4 times a week will add up in the long run and the weight will come off. Strive for 7 but start with 2-3 days to begin with.

A person in the family of mine didn't start her workout routine until it was too late. She is currently on a dialysis machine due to poorly performing kidneys. A dialysis machine is a machine that takes your blood out of your body and circulates it through a filter and then pumps the blood back into your body.

The process takes at least 4 hours out of your day and needs to be done 3 times a week at a hospital. After the dialysis sessions you are left spent for the day, leaving you with 4 days left per week at that point.

She has to do this because she was diabetic for many years and wasn't controlled well. Diabetes damages your kidneys and they eventually stop functioning as your glomerular filtration rate drops yearly while diabetic.

Trust me, it is very unpleasant and expensive to be on dialysis. You are much better off starting a workout routine now. You will save your kidneys in the long run especially if you are diabetic now.

Diabetes is considered a progressive disease but it is 100% reversible and doesn't have to progress if you make the needed life style changes (exercising and eating better). 

2. A tip from ACE-certified personal trainers, the type of personal trainer that Mike Geary is, suggests that even 20 minutes of training only twice per week can help you change your shape for the better.  

A picture of the well-known personal trainer Mike Geary, he is shirtless with a short, buzz type haircut and six pack of absAuthor and Personal Trainer, Mike Geary

3. Be practical in your goal setting and physical training. Don't try to run a 5k race after only working out for two weeks, be reasonable. Start small with a 30 minute walk and build up to a jog and then possibly a competitive running speed. 

4. Schedule time to workout. I have a cousin that is about 150-160 pounds overweight and he had a heart attack. His doctor of course instructed him to workout, to start with walking. His wife, even bought him a subscription to a gym.

However, Donald scheduled his workout time at the wee hours of the morning at 5:00am. Of course he couldn't wake up. Since he didn't make his appointment for the morning he decided there was no other time during the day he could possibly get to the gym even though he is retired.

His mentality was, If he couldn't get it out of the way in the morning there couldn't be a workout any time the rest of the day. Be reasonable and schedule gym time during an hour or 45 minutes when you know you can get to the gym. If you don't get there, there is no excuse to not fit the time in later. Even 20 minutes at the gym helps.

5. Make gym time more entertaining with the partner system. Find someone, a friend or relative that also needs to get into shape or that enjoys staying active. Go to the gym with them to make it less demanding on yourself while you workout. Enjoy each other and make things less strenuous by doing this. 

6. Do what you prefer. Pick a workout that you enjoy doing. If you've been using the elliptical everyday and you loathe using it try something else.

Personally, I enjoy running and that's what makes the time fly when I'm at the gym. After I got hurt I started using the stationary bike but I don't enjoy it anymore so I'm going back to running since my hamstring is better now. It took me a while to realize this because I got used to the stationary bike even though I don't enjoy it as much. 

7. Plan effectively. If you are a morning person, workout in the morning when your testosterone levels are technically higher. If you like evenings when most people are at the gym  (I enjoy evenings) then plan to go after work.

8. Utilize resources. If you are brand new you may want to get evaluated for for what type of workout you'll need. You may need more stretching and more resistance training or maybe more cardio.  

Three women on stationary workout cycles getting finishing a cardiovascular workoutCardio immediately after resistance training

9. Newer talk is about combing cardio after resistance training. Apparently you burn a greater percentage of fat if you do one right after the other. I have experimented with this and found positive results. When I begin my cardio my heart rate is already elevated and I notice that I sweat quicker and harder for the duration of the cardio. This may equate to more fat lost.  

10. Stay motivated. Reading fitness websites and looking at fitness pictures may help you stay motivated. Find out about other peoples' fitness success, it may rub off onto you. 

11. Workout on an empty stomach. Research shows that fat is burned at 300% the normal rate when working out on an empty stomach. When I was in the military during basic training we always made sure to exercise in the morning on an empty stomach. All the recruits lost a lot of weight. I remember in 6 short weeks I went from 205 pounds down to 170 pounds which is a loss of about 6 pounds per week. 

Several medals pinned to the uniform of a marine corps memberBootcamp Fat Acceleration

12. Diet right. Studies show that those that eat 6 smaller meals throughout the day (every 2-3 hours) have less fat and more muscle than those that eat 2 to 3 times daily. Check out this page on Eating for Life to learn more. Also check out the popular Fat Diminisher system, learn more here

Natural bodybuilder Mike O' Hearn eats 8 meals a day with 30 grams of protein in each of those 8 meals, this keeps the metabolism running hotter. The ratio of macronutrients he suggested in a video I watched was 33%/33%/33% carbs, fat and protein.

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