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Schwarzenegger seated at the end of a bench lifting dumbbells from the floor to above his head from the side to work his rear deltoids.Seated Bent-Over Dumbbell Laterals

Purpose: To isolate and work the rear head of the deltoids. By bending over while executing a Lateral, you force the posterior head of the deltoids to work more directly. Doing them seated allows you to do a stricter movement than when standing. 

Execution: 1) Sit on the end of a bench, knees together, and take a dumbbell in each hand. Bend forward from the waist and bring the dumbbells together behind your calves. Turn your hands so that your palms face one another. 2) Keeping your body steady, lift the weights out to either side, turning your wrists so that the thumbs are lower than the little fingers. Be careful not to lift up your body as you lift the weights. With your arms just slightly bent, lift the dumbbells to a point just higher than your head, then, keeping your knees together, lower them again slowly to behind your calves, resisting all the way down. Try not to cheat doing this exercise. And be sure you are lifting straight out to either side; the tendency doing this exercise is to let the weights drift back behind your shoulders. 

Bodybuilder Lee Priest doing bent-over raising dumbbells out and to his side and then back in front of him, working the rear deltoids in the processStanding Bent-Over Dumbbell Laterals

Purpose: To develop the rear deltoids. 

Execution: 1) Stand with a dumbbell in each hand. Bend forward from the waist 45 degrees or more, letting the dumbbells hang at arm's length below you, palms facing each other. 2) Without raising your body, lift the weights out to either side of your head, turning your wrists so that the thumb ends up lower than the little finger. (Don't allow your arms to drift back behind your shoulders.) Lower the weights again under control, resisting all the way down. 

Bent-Over Cable Laterals

Purpose: To work the rear head of the deltoids. By using cables, you get a slightly longer range of motion with continuous resistance throughout the movement. This is one of Franco Columbu's favorite rear deltoid exercises, and his rear delts are fantastic. 

Execution: 1) Using two floor-level pulleys, take a handle in each hand with your arms crossed in front of your body (left hand holding right-side cable, right hand the left-side cable). Keeping your back straight, bend over until your torso is about parallel to the floor. 2) With a smooth pull, and arms nearly straight, draw the handles across your body and extend your arms straight out to either side, turning your wrists slightly, thumbs down, as if pouring a pitcher of water. Stretch as far as possible, then release and let your arms come back slowly across your body as far as they can. 

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