5 Top-Quality Sports Nutrition Certification Schools

A sports nutrition certification could be the way to go. If you’re looking for a challenging profession in a growing industry, earning your sports nutrition cert is a great way to go. A lot of people are looking to improve their health and fitness, and plenty of fitness and health companies cater to them. It’s no secret that good fitness and competitive athletics require a solid foundation in good nutritional health as well, so your clientele will range from those with medical problems to those who just want better health, to serious athletes looking to break through their performance plateaus.

Keep in mind that some of the following programs will require an academic background or some other prerequisite. Many programs like these, however, are open to the public.

Five Top-Quality Sports Nutrition Certification Schools


Available only to registered dietitians, the CSSD is not exactly a sports nutrition certification, but an exam RDs can take to demonstrate competence in dietetics. A self-assessment is available for students to prepare for the exam, and CEUs are available upon completion. There’s no textbook or instruction, and you must have worked a minimum of two years as a dietitian with 1,500 hours of specialized practice.

A red stamp, stamped that says registered in red inkOnly for registered dietitians

International Sports Society Association Fitness Nutrition

By working toward Fitness Nutrition certification, students learn nutrition fundamentals and how to apply them to promote beneficial client outcomes. The course offers instruction in gathering and assessing client data, designing individual nutrition programs, and outcome-based nutrition coaching. It lasts between two and eight months, and students can take it online at their own pace.

National Academy of Sports Medicine

This NASM is one of the most reputable organizations in the sports nutrition education industry. It offers fitness nutrition specialist programs on the science of nutrition and how nutritional science applies to both fitness and performance. Those with the right background can skip the course and take the exam at a lesser expense. The NASM course is available online.

The National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association

This Fitness Nutrition Coach class teaches the basics of nutrition and offers education in evaluating a client’s nutritional needs, as well as practical suggestions for boosting performance. No enrollment prerequisites are required. A score of 80% is required to pass. You must pay a $95 re-take fee if you don’t pass your second attempt.

Precision Nutrition Professional Certification

This sports nutrition certification includes two parts: Nutrition Science and the Art of Coaching. The textbook includes case studies and examples, and it also comes with worksheets that can be used with clients as you learn. This self-paced program is available online and features a forum with input from PN staffers, including Ryan Andrews, R.D. and Dr. John Berardi.

Graduates applaud the program for its detailed text and the systematic approach to promoting client behavioral change. A second tier of this program guides enrollees through a unique coaching internship program. There are no enrollment prerequisites, but those who don’t have a sports nutrition or science background will find it to be very challenging.

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