4 Awesome Sushi Nutrition Facts

Why not learn interesting sushi nutrition facts? With so many ingredient combinations possible, you can find endless varieties of sushi at restaurants, bars and supermarkets – or even make your own. Each type of sushi offers a different flavor profile and nutrient content from the next. The large variety of options available ensures going out for sushi is always a novel experience.

As you sample the various sushi combinations, you can keep the conversation going and wow your dinner guests with interesting sushi nutrition facts. Read on to learn four awesome sushi nutrition facts to share with your dinner party.

Low Calorie Options Are Available

Much to everyone’s surprise, sushi can actually have a tremendous amount of calories per roll. The popular Rainbow Roll has nearly 500 calories each due to the fatty fish, crab substitute and avocado placed inside. Rolls made with deep fried ingredients are especially high in calories as well. The Shrimp Tempura Roll, for example, has just over 500 calories per roll.

You can find low calorie sushi, however, if you avoid varieties filled with large quantities of fatty ingredients. You can select vegetarian rolls, like the Avocado Roll or Kappa Maki, to enjoy sushi with fewer than 150 calories in each piece. Since sashimi lacks calorie dense rice, it is a relatively safe choice at about 50 calories apiece. You may also ask your sushi chef to slightly change the recipe to cut the calories. A popular change is asking for your Spicy Tuna Rolls to be made without mayo as the base ingredient.

8 pieces of a spicy tuna roll with wasabi and ginger on the sideA Spicy Tuna Roll, substitute the Mayo to cut calories

Protein Heavy Fish Boosts Your Metabolism

Even though many types of sushi are relatively calorie dense, the protein heavy ingredients tend to fill you up fast and may actually boost your metabolism. When you eat protein, your body has to work 25% harder to digest your food and convert it into fuel.

The increase in effort translates to a brief, but beneficial, boost to your metabolism. You may also notice that you feel full long after the meal has ended, which can keep your calories down for the day.

Pictures of foods high in protein such as peanuts, eggs, milk, red meat and cheeseChoose rolls with protein to boost metabolism

Fatty Acids Abound In Sushi

The fatty fish included in most sushi rolls provides your body with a large dose of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. A single ounce of salmon, for example, provides your body with 633 mg of omega-3 fatty acids. When following a limited calorie diet, these essential fatty acids help your body burn fat stores without impacting your muscle composition.

The fatty acids help more than weight loss, however. They also support the health and function of your central nervous system, brain and cell membranes.

8 pieces of a salmon roll with wasabi and ginger on the sideSalmon Roll

Seaweed Provides Vital Iodine

When you vary your sushi varieties, you can consume all of the most important vitamins and minerals in a single meal. Make sure you eat at least one or two roll varieties when you go out to net the benefits of having seaweed as a part of your regular diet.

When it comes to iodine intake, the seaweed wrap around your sushi rolls, known as nori, cannot be beat. Adequate iodine intake is vital for maintaining the health of your thyroid. Although you only consume a small amount of seaweed with each sushi roll, it provides up to 50 times of your daily allowance per gram.

Making The Most Of Your Sushi Nutrition Facts

If you fall in love with the allure of great sushi, make sure you know your sushi nutrition facts by heart. You can easily make good dietary choices while eating sushi if you know how to select the varieties that will benefit your system most. Make sure to share your newfound facts with your friends and family on a regular basis to encourage everyone to embrace this smart food.

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