4 Important Elements Of Sweet Potato Fries Nutrition

Although sweet potato fries actually have more calories, fat and carbs than the traditional fare, the increased nutrient content can actually make up for these heightened counts. Sweet potatoes provide a unique mixture of vitamins and minerals not found in russets or other potatoes commonly used for traditional fries.

Furthermore, due to a relatively high fiber content, sweet potato fries nutrition will leave you feeling satiated and energized long after the meal has concluded. Read on to learn more about this incredibly delicious and nutritious food.

Vitamin A

In every 100 grams of sweet potato fries you eat, you receive 384% of the vitamin A, or beta-carotene, you need for the day. As an antioxidant, this important vitamin is beneficial for the health and function of your skin, eyes and immune system.

Regularly consuming foods rich in this vitamin can prevent these important bodily components from the potentially damaging effects of aging. Furthermore, vitamin A may even help the body recover from leukemia, cataracts and other serious health conditions when used in tandem with conventional medical treatments.

A display of different foods all as good sources of vitamin A, included are eggs, mangos, red bell peppers and othersOther Vitamin A Rich Foods


At 38 milligrams per serving, sweet potatoes have almost triple the calcium of white potatoes, like russets. Your body needs an adequate amount of calcium to build strong bones and regulate your blood pressure.

As the calcium flows through your blood, your body uses it to reinforce your current bone structure. Since calcium balances potassium and sodium, it actively lowers high blood pressure levels to keep the numbers in a healthy range for the long term.

Calcium as seen from the periodic table represented by Almost triple the calcium of white potatoes


Sweet potatoes provide an abundance of potassium with every bite, especially when prepared and eaten with the skin left on the fries. In 100 grams of sweet potato fries nutrition, you will obtain 475 milligrams of potassium, which is 14% of your recommended daily value.

Potassium regulates your heart rhythm and blood pressure to keep your cardiovascular system healthy and functional through the years. This important element also plays a role in supporting muscle and nerve function throughout your entire body.

Six green stamps that say Potassium in the central of themPlenty of potassium included


Keeping the skin on your sweet potato fries also gives your body more fiber with each bite. When you leave the skin on your potato, you will receive about three grams of fiber for every 100 grams you consume.

Fiber helps your digestive system function reliably to eliminate stomach upset and prevent debilitating conditions, such as diverticular disease, from developing in the future. Fiber also helps you fill up fast and feel satiated long after you finish your meal.

Integrating Sweet Potato Fries Nutrition Into Your Diet

Sweet potato fries are best consumed in moderation despite their relatively high vitamin and mineral content. Replace traditional fries with sweet potato variants whenever you want to enjoy a fried treat with your burger or fish.

Otherwise, enjoy the same nutrients provided by sweet potato fries nutrition by eating this ingredient baked, mashed or grilled. Use your cooking skills to maintain a balanced diet for greater health and wellness throughout life.

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