The 7 Day ENERGY SURGE is written by Wharton graduate Jim Karas with Cynthia Costas Cohen, MFT, #1 New York Times Best-selling Author of The Business Plan for the boy and the Cardio-Free Diet.

This program is for you if you fit the following: 1) you wake up spent, using the snooze button several times before getting up, 2) the thought of getting out of bed is difficult and the day ahead looks exhausting, 3) at brunch, you are ready to take a nap, 4) you dose off at the wheel or almost fall asleep and you experience a poisonous brain fog all day long. In addition to all the previous behaviors you also decrease your energy by eating the wrong foods at the worst times of day. You don’t exercise and you consume caffeine and plenty of sugar. If this sounds like you, the 7 Day energy surge may be the ticket! Read on.

The author notes that she has tested this SURGE on plenty of clients over the years.  These busy clients said that the program helped them eat better, sleep better, exercise more, and bestowed energy upon them.

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The 10 Components of The 7 Day ENERGY SURGE

The 7 Day ENERGY SURGE is broken down into 10 components: The Body Weight to Surge, Eat to Surge, Drink to Surge, Exercise to Surge, Breathe to Surge, Snooze to Surge, Mind-set to Surge, De-Stress to Surge, Music Appreciation 101 to Surge and Sex to Big Surge.  Before reading up on the components there is a quiz inside the book that gauges your energy level. After about 12 questions, you’ll get a score of where you stand. I placed at the moderate-high end of energy. Something I do well everyday that energizes me is that I drink 2 liters of water every single day. I struggle when I wake up in the mornings, at this time I always feel like dozing off to sleep for another hour or two.

I don’t want to spoil the book for you, so I’ll review one of the components to give you an idea of the author’s suggestions and opinions. If you don’t think the review is too shabby, I recommend getting the book, taking the quiz, and improving your life by doing so.

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  Component 8, De-Stress to SURGE 

Water therapy can increase energy and reduce stress. Water therapy is as simple as taking a cold shower, drawing a warm bath, a dip in the swimming pool, lake or ocean.

Exercise is a fantastic way to reduce stress level. When you feel stressed out and perhaps irritable, do some exercise! Go to the gym, or drop to the floor and do 20 or more pushups.

It has been reported that those that drink four cups of black tea a day lowered cortisol, decreased the risk of heart attacks and gained relaxation after experiencing a stressful cause.

Gum chewing according to Australian researchers can relieve tension. A study done found that those chewing gum during math and memory tests witnessed a 17 percent decrease in self-reported stress.

Meditation is extremely powerful and effective for bringing many benefits to you including reduced stress. Mindfulness meditation is about being in the moment, with awareness of your surroundings and when thoughts arrive. There are free MP3s on the Internet that have mindful meditation instructions.

Google mindful meditation and try the meditations out, you may even notice immediate changes in your life but this isn’t always typical, give it a chance. Optimally, you’ll do at least 20 minutes everyday and work your way up to 45 minutes to an hour per day. It isn’t easy to do this, but it has benefits including: 1) lowered respiration and heart rate, 2) decreased muscular tension, 3) increased alpha (relaxing) brain waves, reduced oxygen consumption, 4) less depression, 5) improved memory and 6) alteration in the structure of the brain that deals with attention, sensory processing, and happiness.

A study done in England confirmed that for each year of mediation you finish, you can take off a year of aging! Areas in the brain associated with positive thoughts such as joy, happiness and compassion, have been shown to improve in activity in the brain scans of mediations vs. non-meditations. After 4 months, meditators still reported significant improvement in anxiety levels and they experienced increased positive feelings.

There are more methods to reduce stress, but I’ll leave them for you to discover in the book The 7 Day ENERGY SURGE. I hope you enjoy it and good luck. 

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