The Apple Vinegar Diet 

Lose weight with apple vinegar is about utilizing the strength and utility of apples. Within the apple vinegar is acetic acid, which has strong fat burning abilities. The acid has five fat freeing properties. This is what makes apple vinegar so effective for burning fat. The acid guarantees quick breakdown of fat within the body. You deserve to lose weight and the book “Lose Weight with Apple Vinegar” by Magni can help you today.

The vinegar is sensational in its ability to decrease the ever so common crave for fatty and sweet foods. This diminished craving of sweets and fats is essential to your dieting success.

The book contains a self-test that will assess how long and how much you’ll need or not need the apple vinegar diet solution. Within the book there is a three-day apple vinegar diet, seven-day apple vinegar diet and four-week apple vinegar diet. The quiz will help guide you, on how long to stay on the apple vinegar diet. 

A glass decanter bottle filled with apple vinegarApple Vinegar

Following through it

There are beverages you can drink and than there are those you can’t have while on this diet. Vegetable juice, carbonated water, herbal tea, coffee and black tea can be drunk all day long if needed.

As with 99% of diets, sugar is to be avoided but you are allowed to have sugar substitutes. More strict diets don’t allow sugar substitutes because they are believed to release small amounts of insulin. This small amount of insulin causes very small amounts of fat storage. That is the current belief about sugar substitutes.

No sugar means no soda, lemonade and fruit juices since they contain fructose.

The book proceeds from cover to back-cover. When proceeding this way you are going through the protocol, which calls for a apple vinegar test day. On this day you eat a certain amount of calories and do a few other things a certain way. This allows you to see the benefit of the apple vinegar. If you don’t cheat the protocol, you’ll lose weight.

Foods that can be eaten are reviewed along with foods that should be avoided. The book really appears to be for people with no knowledge of dieting. Obvious things to avoid are sausage, ice cream, cakes, donuts, alcoholic beverages and cheeses.

The next protocol calls for an 8-day test using the apple cider vinegar. During this period you’ll switch from salty embellishments to vinegar. The apple cider vinegar will adjust your taste towards healthier foods such as vegetables and fruits instead of sweets and fat.

The final section contains the protocol with all meals and instructions included for the 3-day, 7-day and four-week apple vinegar diet. Accompanying suggestions include plenty of exercise and meditation.

A decanter full of apple vinegarApple Vinegar Solution


The apple cider vinegar diet may help you lose weight via its lipolytic or fat burning capabilities. It is also believed that the vinegar works by supporting the release of growth hormone.

Growth hormone is well known to cause fat lose while it works overnight (when it is released from the pituitary gland). This isn’t the first time I’ve heard about the benefits of apple vinegar diet, there is probably something special about it since there are several books about dieting with apple vinegar. 

I don't highly recommend "Lose Weight With Apple Vinegar" because it is difficult to follow the book and at sometimes it isn't entirely clear. For a list of all the apple vinegar diet books, try this link from amazon. I suggest at least giving it a try, it may just do the trick for you, if not, I've written about plenty of diets, have a look

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