The Arthritis Diet

Nutritional manipulation with the arthritis diet can be cornerstone to controlling your arthritis. The link to this occurred in 1979 when Dr. Anthony Conte, a Pittsburgh nutritionist, and his associate Dr. Marshall Mandell found evidence that allergies may be the cause of arthritis. During the rigorous study with those afflicted with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis it was found that 87 percent of the study participants were found to have allergies causing the typical symptoms of arthritis such as swelling and pain.

Soon more research surfaced linking your diet to arthritis. In Alabama at the school of Medicine it was found that when certain foods were excluded their arthritis responded very profoundly. Support for fasting, whether intermittent or continuous resulted in arthritis completely clearing up. I’ve written about intermittent fasting, which could reduce symptoms here, where you’ll also experience all the benefits of losing weight. I also have written about the HCG diet, which is essentially a very-low calorie diet that is considered to be fasting since you run on such a low level of food energy. Yup, that's right, very low calorie diets such as from the HCG diet mimic the effects and benefits of fasting. 

The Arthritis Diet states that fasting can completely eliminate arthritis

Think you can’t fast because of the arthritis diet? Think again, with HCG in your system your desire for food is substantially diminished whether you like it or not, making fasting an extremely practical thing to practice. As a pharmacy student once, I know that weight loss is associated with diminished disease risks from numerous disasters (including arthritis) and very essential to a long life. It will especially help you prevent the number one killer in America which is the inevitable heart disease. Heart disease comes  from all these people you see daily carrying excessive amount of fat on their body. Do you think these people aren’t going to pay the price for carrying that weight? Have you noticed these people carrying that excessive weight are becoming more commonplace and apparent every year? America and perhaps yourself need help today with the yearly increasing obesity epidemic that is showing no sign of stabilizing anytime soon.

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Can HCG help?

Go drastically improve your life and health with HCG today! It will improve your self-esteem, relationships, health, sense of well being, confidence, energy levels, sleeping patterns and arthritis just to name a small amount of the benefits weight loss and fasting can give you.

With HCG I’ve lost a total of 24 pounds in one month, that's almost an entire pound a day lost. The second month of HCG, 6 days into it, I’ve lost another 4 pounds with HCG. With my HCG protocol you’ll have your daily diet to follow for as long as you remain on HCG which is a reasonable sustainable very-low calorie diet that beats the heck out of those diets touting a weight loss of 2 lbs per week. Try 7 pounds per week on HCG with up to 14 pounds lost in the first week! The diet is between 500 to 700 calories a day depending on your starting weight. This low amount of calories is technically considered fasting to some doctors due to the very low calorie amounts.

Too symptomatic? What does the Arthritis Diet say?

“Even more dramatic is the fact that for many people, arthritis symptoms completely clear up during a fast. This proves that food plays an important role in the development and treatment of arthritis. However, you can’t fast forever.” Well, if a very low calorie is technically equivalent to a fast, which I’ve heard from doctors before then you can sustain a fast with the use of HCG. This quote comes from “How to Eat Away Arthritis,” by Doctor Lauri M. Aesoph. Pick up a copy of this book today because it is full of scientific facts regarding the management of your arthritis.

Why keep taking expensive medications with side effects that help you control your arthritis when you can also be eating the right foods or fasting that has the potential benefit of curing your problem? Don't get me wrong, make sure you take your medications until your doctor says otherwise. As your symptoms improve your Doctor can lower your medication doses and then possibly, one day, you can come off medication.  We all know, the more medications I’m taking on a daily basis the less likely I’m going to be able to grow and live to an elder age.

What can I do to help myself? 

How to Eat Away Arthritis,” will help you eliminate contaminated foods that are aiding in the degradation of your joints by providing lists of forbidden foods to avoid and a lists of foods that help your arthritis. In the book, you’ll also learn what types of eaters don’t suffer from arthritis, and what types of people do suffer from arthritis. You can then try to mimic the habits and eating types of those that are arthritis free in attempt to heal yourself. The book is also motivating helping set you psychologically in a state to aid yourself more.

 How to Eat Away Arthritis,” or the Arthritis Diet also contains substantial insight in fighting arthritis. By having all these insights you have power over the disease. The book is a well-written, and interesting, providing a way to fight arthritis that may result in you lessening or even relieving the pain and inflammation of arthritis with the possibility of restoring your perfect health. Pick up a copy ASAP.

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