The Biggest Loser Diet: Why it Works

The biggest loser diet can teach you something. One of the most practical, and the most popular fad diets out there, the biggest loser plan is just about bang on when it comes to getting people to lose weight the right way. Rather than trying to make dieters stick to unrealistic food restrictions that are sure to cause relapses, this six-week diet focuses on getting lots of healthy food and strict exercise routines.

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How the Biggest Loser Diet Works

Possibly the biggest secret of this diet is that it’s based on the only two sound and proven weight loss methods known to work anywhere at any time: eating healthy food and exercise. So what’s all the hubbub about? We’ll get to that, but first a note on the functional simplicity of this diet plan- the emphasis on what practitioners of this diet should be eating. Simply prescribing healthy food in unrestricted amounts is a bit vague, but when done correctly- it is sound.

The problem with modern eating habits is most of the foods we get from the supermarket are very thin on real nutrients and fiber, and they are full of additives that create addictions and cravings for these same foods. By not meeting the body’s nutritional needs the body stays hungry even while the stomach is full. On top of that, the subtle use of addictive additives like sugar can trick us into feeling as if the body has a legitimate need for a low nutrition food item.

Your cells know what they need, and when they don’t get it, they tell your brain that you’re still hungry. It doesn’t matter how many Hot Pockets you stuff down yourself- your tissues will still be hungry. So calling for healthy food is the only sensible solution. When you eat nutrient-rich food, your body will stop the hunger alarm, cravings end, and can even switch over to craving good food. You don’t binge on nutrient rich food because your cravings will be sated by the real nutrients.

The second pillar of the biggest loser diet is exercise. Once again, no surprise. No one will argue with the weight loss and overall good health benefits that come with exercise. But like the first pillar, there is some guidance that’s called for. People who are severely overweight, need to take special precautions as jumping straight into vigorous workouts can be dangerous.

The example set by the television show is where this whole diet falls down. It is based on driving obese people into unhealthy extremes that they must certainly have signed waivers to be subjected to.

If you’re attracted to the biggest loser diet- that’s great. Healthy eating without arbitrary restrictions and a solid exercise routine will get you fitter faster than anything else hands down. Just go about it in a reasonable way, and forget the six-week time limit because that is solely for ratings- not for good health.

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