The Fast Metabolism Diet

This diet is about cross-training your metabolism. It is meant to bring about a weight loss of at least 20 pounds in your first four weeks. It is meant for the people that have decided dieting cannot possibly be something they are destined to do. It is for those people that think God must be preventing them from losing weight. He isn’t doing that.

With this diet your body will be surprised, nourished, and revitalized. Your body will be made into a fat-burning machine through eating three different ways each week. There is a phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 within each week.

This diet is designed to develop results quickly to make you happier and to restore the possibility of a longer life. With your new lighter body you’ll enjoy increased social approval. Life will become more enjoyable as a result, you’ll live longer, you’ll have freedom from the fear of the horrible results diabetes and heart disease can bring, you’ll get more from food and your food and beverages will taste better.

You may even feel superior to the people that aren’t losing weight, that are stuck in a rut. These people will inevitably be diabetic and heart diseased. Did you know heart disease is the number one killer in America? Did you know how you eat is the primary determinant on whether or not you get heart disease? Yup, people are eating themselves to death. If you don’t want to be one of those people, this diet is for you.

One thing that keeps you from losing weight is a misunderstanding of some diet principles; review the myths below for corrected knowledge.

A picture silhouette of a man with a heart highlighted that is a bombHeart Disease comes from overeating too much junk and eating too many carbs leading to heart attacks, diabetics beware

Three of The Fast Metabolism Diet Myths 


Many people believe this but it is not so true. Heavy people have reported eating 1200-1400 calories a day while working out 5 days a week. These people have reported problems with losing weight even though they are doing everything perfectly. This happens because you can eat too little. When you eat too little your body will take a leaf of lettuce and store it as fat.


This isn’t true and can lead to people eating boring, extremely restrictive foods that leave them depressed and devoid of pleasure. When you eat something pleasurable (not overeat) you release endorphins that reduce stress hormones and increase metabolism. These endorphins then cause the release of serotonin, a hormone that makes you feel good and happy and that leads to production of a fat-burning hormone from the thyroid.


This is a way to over simplify what a calorie exactly is. There is a much more involved processes about calories that needs to be taken into consideration. Everyones’ biochemical processes are different. There are millions of variables within each person’s body that determines what a calorie is for each of them. For example, 1200 calories for some people may lead to weight loss where as 2400 calories for another could be the point where they lose weight.


The Fast Metabolism Diet is about the burn. Everything about the diet is geared at making your metabolism speed up so you can afford to eat a pleasurable item once in awhile which isn’t that bad for you. During phase 1 the diet is centered on unwinding stress and calming the adrenals (days 1 and 2). During phase 2, the diet plan will help you unlock stored fat and build muscle (days 3 and 4). During phase 3, the diet will unleash the burn-hormones, heart and heat (days 5 and 7).

Get “The Fast Metabolism Diet” today and learn the details to get your metabolism burning white-hot. The Author Haylie Pomroy has worked closely with celebrities, athletes and the everyday Joe’s. Learn her valuable knowledge inexpensively through “The Fast Metabolism Diet.” 

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