The Sugar Smart Diet

The Sugar Smart Diet is a three-way attack on sugar. You’ll focus on the hidden sugars sabotaging your diet, the foods that seems harmless but act like sugar in your body, and the emotional connection to old, sugary habits. Did you know that artificial sweeteners (one-third of the annual sugar consumption) actually increase your cravings for sweets?

The 32-day plan of The Sugar Smart Diet will set you on your path to weight loss and an improved life with less sugar needed. Eventually, you’ll incorporate sweets back into your diet in a mindful way, without cravings.

Author Anne Alexander of “The Sugar Smart Diet” offers that the diet will help you in several ways. Refined carbs and highly processed whole grains will be swapped for healthier foods that taste just as goods.

Via dropping added sugars, the diet will, 1) crush cravings for sugar and carbs, 2) lose weight, 3) flatten a sugar belly, 4) flip the switch from tired out to fired up, 5) turn back the clock on aging skin, making it glow again, 6) cut your risk of diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases and 7) enjoy sugary treats when you choose to, not because you need to.

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High fructose corn sugar and The Sugar Smart Diet 

It’s important to understand sugar. Initially, sodas contained cane sugar (white table sugar).  After Japanese researchers figured out how to convert cornstarch into a very sweet substance known as high fructose corn syrup things changed.

The high fructose corn syrup was also more interesting to industry because it improves the consistency of processed foods and extends shelf life. That means the expiration date on foods was much longer improving profits for grocery stores etc.

There are two types of high fructose corn syrup used, either 42 percent or 55 percent determined by what percent fructose is contained. 42 percent is used in processed foods, cereals, baked goods, and some beverages, while 55 percent is primarily what you find in soft drinks.

You must be vigilant and read labels to make sure you avoid high fructose corn syrup. It is even used to make beef jerky taste better. You don’t know where you’ll find high fructose corn syrup unless you are very cautious. The reason this fructose is so bad for you is because it is implicated as the primary factor in overweight, obese and in those with chronic diseases. Want a chronic disease and cancer? Keep eating sugar.

The fructose when consumed causes your body to bypass many of the body’s mechanism to tell it that “It’s full,” leading to overeating, weight gain, insulin resistance, heart disease and diabetes to name a few.

Author Anne Alexander states there is good news. With “The Sugar Smart Diet” you can learn to better control sugar. Instead of it controlling you, how about you controlling it so that it doesn’t lead you down the road to disease? With this approach learned in the diet book, you can shrink your sugar belly without swearing off sugar forever. That’s like having your cake and eating it too!

Contained within the diet book is how much added sugar you should be eating on a typical day and when it’s appropriate to treat yourself to a little extra sugar (and the right way to do that). Plus much more!

Through this diet you’ll learn how to control sugar. You’ll learn the ins and outs about sugar. You’ll know more than you ever wanted to know about sugar, which will prepare you to conquer sugar. Benefit now by purchasing this book! There is even a quiz to gauge your current emotional attachment to sugar. Very interesting. 

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