The Secret Revealed and Spiritual BodyBuilding

Spiritual bodybuilding is a term I have coined to refer specifically to the utilization of fitness with the Law of Attraction

With the Law of Attraction you dedicate and focus your thoughts upon what you desire. When you set your thoughts upon losing weight/body fat, toning or building muscle, you are practicing spiritual bodybuilding or spiritual fitness. 

Mainly, I think the best use of the term is to reference lowering the body fat. Many people are struggling with their weight currently due to the obesity epidemic. t

I can attest to the fact that the Law of Attraction works great to lower body fat. I have used the recommended resources as written in this article to lower my body fat levels to levels I thought weren't possible.

In fact, my weight and body fat has become lower than it has been in the past 16 years by utilizing the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is clearly presented in the book "The Secret.

I never thought this was possible until I learned to mix my spirituality with my working out. Do not pass on this chance to learn how anyone can utilize spirit to help them. Discover source energy. 

"How To Flatten Your Tush" 

To really accelerate fat loss, I recommend the power of affirmations and/or afformations. The affirmation before I switched to afformations to keep my body fat really low was "I am adjusting my appetite and workout to accommodate 5% body fat."

An affirmation such as the above could be adjusted for women to say 12% bodyfat instead of 5%. I can't believe this book mentioned below, "The Secret," is not selling yet because it is worth more than any gym workout routine or single diet that you can be on.

It is that powerful! It goes back to 3000 BC and is one of life's greatest treasures. You cannot pass it up without someday regretting what you did to yourself. It will change you for the better, guaranteed.  

It is pure love that will deliver what has evaded you since your inception!! It isn't free but I still consider it a bonus and you will too once you try it out! Don't procrastinate with it either, get it with your inspired action now! 

The Universe or Law of Love is waiting to deliver to you as soon as you purchase "The Secret" The Secret gives you anything you want: health, wealth, happiness, love, your dream body. It isn't too good to be true. It still takes action on your part to bring your desires.

Don't miss out on all the beauty and fun of manifesting whatever you want. Life wouldn't be fair if you didn't have the knowledge contained within "The Secret." 

Proof that this is an extremely effective means to lose body fat is found in Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret" It is a secret for the very power it possesses, a non-regretful purchase. If you want love, joy, peace, the perfect body along with wealth keep reading.

Undeniably, you'll then find that you need to get Rhonda Burn's other two immediately necessary books that you won't regret either, "The Power," and "The Magic"

These awesome, life-changing books take you from being a victim in life, into a period of life know as empowerment or co-creator.

I constantly listen to the audio of "The Power" because it puts me in a great mood and really reminds me of what's important in life and that's love. Love can dissolve doubts and negativity and much more!

The Power is really profound in its ability to effect every day life in everything you do. It is all about Love, which should be important in your life and others' lives.

You'll learn how to harness the power of love to bring better outcomes, circumstances and miracles into your life. You'll learn how to make yourself feel better with simple exercises.

You'll view life differently. The Power is personally my favorite of the three books because when you are bonded with love you are empowered to do things you wouldn't otherwise be capable of handling.

The Power transforms you into a better person without doubt. It raises your self-esteem and brings hope into your life. What doesn't it do? It's time for you to be rewarded in life with something you'd never expect you'd earn this lifetime.

Purchase The Secret first and if you like it you'll love the other two. You will not regret what you'll learn in these books. Not knowing the law of attraction as presented in the Secret is nearly identical to not knowing how the law of gravity is working, it is essential.

I recently discovered the power of afformations. Experts have told me that afformations work through the same law of attraction; however, they work better at manifesting than affirmations. You can be the judge of this and can learn about affomations here

Good luck! Remember that 2CreateABody, supports you in your endeavors. 

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