The Skinny Gut Diet 

Brenda Watson, C.N.C. created The Skinny Gut Diet. For over 20 years Brenda has helped people live better through excellent digestive function. 

Brenda has succeeded in helping people through television. Brenda’s PBS shows “The Road to Perfect Health and Heart of Perfect Health” has improved the livelihood of many.  Her self-proclaimed title is “Digestive Care Expert.”

The Skinny Gut Diet Foundation

The goal is to support good gut bacteria and not the bad gut bacteria. There needs to be a proper balance between the two. Unfortunately, what we’ve been taught over the years is the Standard American Diet (SAD). The SAD is not beneficial to benign gut bacteria but instead feeds the bad gut bacteria. If you eat a great diet but your gut is out of balance, you will not fully achieve the health that you are capable of achieving.

Foods that aren’t supported by the diet are high in sugar and made out of refined carbohydrates. In addition, a diet high in saturated fats is absolutely inappropriate.

Some oils need to be avoided because they skew omega-6 to omega-3 ratios. Avoid: corn oil, cottonseed oil, vegetable oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, peanut oil and shortening. Replace omega-6 containing foods with omega-3 foods. Use coconut oil and olive oil instead of the previously mentioned. It is very easy to intake omega-6's and difficult to get omega-3 fatty acids. They should be taken in a ratio of 1:1 which is very difficult. That's why I personally supplement with Krill oil which contains not only very heart healthy krill it also is mixed with a good dose of heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids. 

A stamp that says Flaxseed Oil is A Good Source

Supported Fats On The Skinny Gut Diet

1.  Avocados

2.  Olives

3.  Walnuts

4.  Almonds

5.  Pecans

6.  Flax seeds

7.  Chia seeds

8.  Pumpkin seeds

9.  Sunflower seeds

10.  Sardines

11.  Salmon

12.  Coconut

13.  Coconut milk

Fats To Avoid

1. Trans fat

2. Corn oil

3. Cottonseed oil

4. Vegetable oil

5. Safflower oil

6. Sunflower oil

7.  Soybean oil

8. Peanut oil

9.  Shortening


Gluten also needs to be eliminated from the diet because it is related to health related symptoms and is directly associated with weight gain. The following list indicates that the food contains gluten:

1.     Barley

2.     Breading and bread stuffing

3.     Brewer’s yeast

4.     Bulgur wheat

5.     Durum wheat

6.     Farro/faro

7.     Graham flour (whole wheat flour)

8.     Hydrolyzed wheat protein

9.     Kamut

10.  Malt, malt extract, malt syrup, and malt flavoring

11. Malt vinegar

12. Malted milk

13. Matzoh, matzoh meal

14. Modified wheat starch

15. Oatmeal, oat bran, oat flour and whole oats (unless labeled “gluten free”)

16. Rye bread and rye flour

17. Seitan

18. Semolina

19. Spelt

20. Triticale

21. Wheat bran

22. Wheat flour

23. Wheat germ

24. Wheat starch

25. Other sources of gluten are sauces and seasonings where the gluten is often hidden, read the label to make sure it is safe.

A sign that says No Gluten

Other Diet Related Topics

Other topics covered in the diet section of “The Skinny Gut Diet” is fiber, protein and appetite control, meal-replacement shakes on the go, hydration, probiotics and the amount of sugar you are allowed per day and how to track that sugar intake. Even fruits contain some sugar.

In addition, there are living foods that boost your good gut bacteria and these should be eaten. The categories of foods are fermented foods, non-starchy vegetables and low-sugar fruits. A list of fermented foods is included in the book.

What fruits to enjoy and what vegetables to enjoy are supported and what fruits to avoid and what vegetables to avoid are also listed in the book. You may wonder which proteins to eat and how much protein you should eat per day. This is within the book. A few good proteins are poultry, seafood, eggs and tofu, but there are quite a few more proper proteins to consume.

Alcohol on The Skinny Gut Diet

Beer and mixed drinks are high in carbohydrates and should be avoided. An occasional drink is ok but try to limit your intake to wine or spirits. Wine and spirits are lowest in sugar and are the best options. Ideally, you’ll stay clear of alcohol since it is high in calories.

A Sample Meal Day

7am Breakfast:

Veggie scramble (2 eggs + 0.5 cup spinach + 0.25 cup onion)


10am Snack:

Meal-Replacement Shake (recipe in the book) + 0.5 cups strawberries

12:30pm Lunch: 

Chicken salad over romaine with sauerkraut (3 oz. chicken +1 tsp mayo + 0.5 red bell pepper + 1 cup romaine + 0.5 cup sauerkraut


3pm Snack:

 2 celery stalks with almond butter (4 tbsp. almond butter + 2 celery stalks).


6pm Dinner:

Grilled Salmon with steamed veggies (4 oz. salmon + 0.5 cup broccoli + 0.5 cup cauliflower).


8pm Snack:

Berries-n-Cream (recipe in book)

Supplements to take for a healthy gut

1. Certain fiber supplements

2. Specific fish oil supplement for omega-3 fatty acids or krill oil which is less toxic by nature. 

3. Specific probiotic products

4. A certain digestive enzyme supplement

5. A meal replacement shake that meets suggested requirements (see book).


Exercise is important but adopting the new healthy eating method is more important. If you can eat the new recommended way and exercise at the same time that is great. If you can’t do both at the same time, leave the exercise for a better time. Spend the time and energy necessary to get the new eating behavior down pat.

The Price Is Right

The highly rated “The Skinny Gut Diet’ retails for a bargain at $15.60. Purchase today


The author really knows her stuff. I’m not too surprised she is a popular go-to health expert aired on national television. Her recommendations for supplements are very impressive, showing she knows what she is talking about. This book is highly recommended and supported and you shouldn’t be disappointed; however, the supplements will not be cheap.

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