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With the Ultrasimple diet by Mark Hyman, there is an interesting theory to weight loss. Dr. Hyman suggests that the problem with long-term weight loss are two key issues: toxicity and inflammation. For example, when you hit a plateau it is believed by Dr. Hyman that you simply aren’t healthy enough or that you're too toxic. 

You are healthy enough for an initial weight loss drop but to overcome the difficulty of long-term weight loss you need to battle toxicity. Restricting calories isn’t the recipe for long-term weight loss, that leads inevitably to failure. What leads to success is getting rid of your toxic load.

From Dr. Hyman’s diet you may experience increased energy, you may lose puffiness in your face and around your eyes, and you skin may even glow. “Your senses may be heightened. You may sleep better, have fewer allergies, and more mental clarity. Your joint and muscle aches may disappear and all your digestive problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome and reflux, may vanish.”

The word TOXIC written in bold red letteringRemove The Toxic Load

How the ultrasimple diet works 

The plan is a 7 day detoxification program. Dr. Hyman wrote another book that was an 8 week plan but many people complained about having to devote a full eight weeks to the diet. During the seven days you will remove all the inflammatory and toxic foods and substances (especially sugar and the common food allergens), these foods will be replaced with anti-inflammatory and detoxifying foods and behaviors. Patients of Dr. Hyman have reported no hunger cravings so you don’t have to worry about starving to death.

In Dr. Hyman’s book "The Ultrasimple Diet" he has a quiz in Chapter 2 that assesses how inflamed and toxic you really are. He suggests you take the quiz before starting the diet and after so you can have proof of how effective the previous seven days were.

If you have some concrete evidence such as that, you may physiologically be more likely to repeat the diet and to find it beneficial! Not bad if you ask me.

From the "How inflamed quiz" I scored an 87, which placed me at a moderate imbalance. The worse category results from a score above 100, making me not completely shot-out. I’m not too happy about my score. I’m a bit skeptical because I don’t think food can fix some of the problems I’ve had for some time now but I may be wrong.

Why detoxify with the ultrasimple diet? 

If you want to lose weight it is important that you reduce your toxic load. The toxicity that your body has thwarts your efforts to lose weight the following ways:

·      It impairs two key metabolic organs (the liver and the thyroid)

·      Damaging the mitochondria (the site of energy metabolism)

·      Harming brain neurotransmitter and hormone signaling that affects our appetite

·      Increasing inflammation and oxidative stress, both of which promote weight gain.

The word Detox written out with vegetables

With the ultrasimple diet, what can I detoxify with? 

High quality protein is one source that allows for detoxification. The protein is needed for the liver to synthesize what is called glutathione. Glutathione is the body’s most important antioxidant and detoxifying molecule. Glutathione is wasted from chronic exposure to toxins.

Good protein sources are beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains and lean organic animal products. Whey protein should not be used for the seven day detoxification although Dr. Hyman doesn’t think it’s that bad.

Phytochemical are another source of detox. Phytochemicals come from dark-colored plant foods such as cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, collards, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower), green tea, watercress, dandelion greens, cilantro, artichokes, garlic, ginger, rosemary, turmeric, citrus peels, and even cocoa.

Heat therapy in the form of using a sauna has beneficial effects for the removal of toxins. A case report is about an obese person unable to exercise. This obese person still lost 38.5 pounds, decreasing body fat from 46 percent to 35 percent after 10 weeks of sauna therapy.

Where is the inflammation from? What causes it? Well sugar, high doses of the wrong oils and fats, hidden food allergens, lack of exercise, chronic stress and hidden infections all trigger a deep-seated unseen inflammation within our cells.

To sum it up, being fat means you are living an inflamed lifestyle. Tone it down! I have many diets reviewed and available for you at 2CreateABody, if one doesn’t work for you, don’t give up, try another one, hopefully the next one will be the last diet you'll ever need!

A man sitting in a sauna with a towel around his neck

What is the main cause of inflammation according to the ultrasimple diet and what can I do about it?

The main cause of inflammation according to the ultrasimple diet is due to food allergies, or delayed reactions to the foods we eat. There are specific foods that are difficult to target as the cause of the allergy. This is due to symptoms arising up to 72 hrs after ingestion. 

The foods that should be avoided during your 7 day period and that should improve your inflammatory score are gluten (wheat, barley, eye, oats, spelt, triticale, kamut), dairy (milk, cheese, butter, yogurt), corn, eggs, soy, nuts, nightshades (tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes, eggplant), citrus, and yeast (baker’s yeast, brewer’s yeast, and fermented products like vinegar).

These foods should be avoided for up to 12 weeks while your immune system recovers. Then you can slowly reintroduce them into your diet one at a time to see exactly what they are doing to you. When you reintroduce one of the allergy-provoking foods wait 3 days after consuming it to see how you feel.

Make sure to eliminate these things one-week before your detox: caffeine, processed and refined carbohydrates and sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated (trans) fats, processed, packaged, junk, or fast foods and alcohol.

The world

There are some people that should seek medical counsel and supervision before the 7 day detox, these people are: 1) those who use medication for chronic health conditions, 2) pregnant or nursing women, 3) children under the age of 18, 4) anyone with cancer or a terminal illness, 5) anyone with mental illness other than mild anxiety and mild depression, 6) anyone with hyperthyroidism, 7) anyone with kidney failure or borderline kidney function, 8) anyone who is underweight or malnourished and 9) anyone who has anemia or a low blood count.

What should I eliminate during the 7 days of the ultrasimple diet? 

Make sure to eliminate all sugar, sugar alcohol such as sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol and maltitol. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame, etc. Natural sweeteners like Stevia (although this may be fine in the long run, in the short run it stimulates sweet cravings and will sabotage your efforts), alcohol, caffeine (coffee, tea, sodas, except for green tea), citrus fruits and juices (except lemon juice, unless you are allergic to it), yeast (baker’s and brewer’s, fermented foods like vinegar), dairy products (milk, butter, yogurt, cheese), eggs, gluten (it may be hidden in many foods, including anything containing wheat, barley, eye, spelt, kamut, triticale, and most oats), corn, beef, pork, lamb, or other meat except organic poultry, nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, bell peppers), peanuts, refined oils and hydrogenated fats such as margarine, and almost every processed food in the super-market.

Even foods labeled “trans fat free” can have 0.5 gram per serving according to the new government regulations. Stimulants (these include decongestants, diet pills, ephedra and yerba mate), all flour products, processed foods or food additives (check labels carefully), fast food, junk food, any foods that come in a box, package, can or are commercially prepared that are filled with chemicals, preservatives, and other unnatural ingredients to make them shelf-stable.

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There is also what’s called the Ultrabroth that is vital to your detoxification. You should drink 3-4 cups of the Ultrabroth everyday during your detox. The recipe is available in “The Ultrasimple Diet” by Dr. Hyman.


Our bodies are polluted with toxins from the environment and foods we consume. Part of the battle of weight loss is detoxifying ourselves so that we don’t plateau from our efforts. Being overweight and obese is a chronic inflammatory condition that needs to be relieved.

Certain foods cause allergies unbeknown. These foods need to be eliminated along with a few other foods that contribute to toxicity. By eating the suggested foods in the Ultrasimple diet and by drinking the Ultrasimple Broth we can relieve ourselves from our inflammatory conditions and associated symptoms. Not only will our inflammatory score decrease we will lose up to 10 pounds in 7 days.

I definitely think Dr. Hyman is onto something with his diet. He has tested it throughout part of his career on patients and has a track record of success stories available to you from his website.

The anti-inflammatory diet has been taught to me in the past and is effective at reducing things like chronic pain. The diet has been around. Dr. Hyman has a twist to the anti-inflammatory diet with his Ultrabath and Ultrabroth which he explains in his book.

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