The Under Active Thyroid Diet 

It has been estimated that 27 million people have a thyroid problem in the United States with the majority of them being undiagnosed (at least 13 million undiagnosed). Experts have inputed that the number of thyroid problems may be as high as 59 million people. An interesting study discovered that as many as 40 percent of people that are overweight have a dysfunctional thyroid. The thyroid gland is the master gland of your metabolism. If your thyroid hormone levels are low, you won’t be burning as much fat as possible. 

The people that should be concerned about the thyroid problem are those that have had extreme difficulty dieting while eating unbelievably healthy. One case looked at a woman that was a personal training and she was overweight. 

The trainer touted eating healthy all the time and she herself ate nothing but healthy foods. No sugar, few fats, protein and low carbs. She eat celery and carrots and broccoli and ended the day with a caloric deficit. The doctors simply didn’t believe that she was eating as healthy and as little as she swore she was eating.

If this sounds like you, or similar to your profile, you’re gonna want to request a thyroid test from a physician. Hypothyroidism isn’t necessarily something you are born with. It can begin to take effect in your mid-twenties or thirties. Your hair may fall out, you may have fatigue or exhaustion, muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness, dry skin, constipation, increased sensitivity to cold, depression, slowed heart rate, impaired memory and heavier than normal or irregular menstrual periods. Those are all symptoms of hypothyroidism that you may recognize. 

A doctor can test your thyroid’s function via a blood test. You’d go to a lab fasting, they’d draw blood and a measurement would be taken. Your total T3 levels or TSH (thyroid stimulating hormones) levels will be determined. The standard is a TSH test which cost anywhere from $35-$70 (inexpensive). In the case of an under active thyroid, your thyroid stimulating hormone levels would be high. You need to let the doctor know that this is the kind of test you need because you suspect your thyroid levels are low due to the impossibility to lose weight on diets. 

Once the doctor confirms your problem via the lab result you’ll need medication. You’ll probably be prescribed levothyroxine or synthroid or possibility cytomel. The most common encountered thyroid medication that I see is Synthroid (that’s the brand name) and levothyroxine (that’s the generic name). Each medication has a brand and generic name which are two different products. It is recommended that you use the brand name because with generics you can end up getting generics from different makers which have slightly different potencies making it difficult to find the perfect dose.

For excellent, thorough, well-researched book about your thyroid, see below. 

A highly recommended book is “The Thyroid Diet Revolution” by Mary J. Shomon. Mary reviews many important topics in support of thyroid health including foods to eat, surgery and supplements to take amongst others. 

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