The Wheat Belly Diet 

The Wheat Belly Diet is important and Americans have gotten fatter than ever. Not long ago the U.S. decided to tell everyone how to eat which touted six to eleven servings of grain per day, of which four or more should be from whole grain. Since then, obesity has skyrocketed. People have replaced fats with things like wheat.

Kraft alone has generated many billions of dollars since the eighties, most of which comes from wheat and corn-based snacks. Wheat consumption is out of control. You’ve heard sugar is bad haven’t you? If you compare the glycemic index (the measure of how much your blood sugar increases in the 90 to 120 minutes after a food is consumed) of wheat to sugar you’d be surprised. Whole wheat bread has a GI of 72 while plain table sugar has a GI of 59.

This is important because how much your blood sugar rises correlates with how much insulin you release. When you release and use insulin frequently, the insulin pushes fat into fat cells.

Popular modern diets strive to eat as many foods that have a low glycemic index as possible. For example, a very popular commonly prescribed diet by Physicians is the South Beach Diet. On The South Beach Diet you consume low GI foods. Carrots are not allowed on The South Beach Diet because they have a high glycemic index. That means even a vegetable isn’t safe to eat. It is very smart to eat low glycemic index foods. Wheat has a GI of 72 and is going to contribute to weight gain, diabetes, and other weight associated diseases such as hypertension and high cholesterol.

In addition, wheat has high levels of amylopectin A. Amylopectin A results in increased levels of blood sugar, more so than ice cream, a candy bar and table sugar. Insulin is then released which leads to greater cravings for more insulin releasing foods. You get trapped in a vicious cycle of cravings brought on by high levels of insulin. With all this insulin release you store massive amounts of fat into your visceral or your wheat belly.

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The Wheat Belly Diet - What else is wrong with wheat? 

With the Wheat Belly Diet your goal is to eliminate wheat completely. With increased visceral fat from wheat consumption women are more at risk for breast cancer, as much as four-fold. A study showed that postmenopausal women with large visceral fat stores are twice as likely to get breast cancer than slender postmenopausal women with less visceral fat.

In men, visceral fat leads to the production of estrogen. The more visceral fat in men, the more circulating estrogen there will be. Estrogen can stimulate the production of breast tissue, leading to the development of “man boobs” or “moobs.” Also, the release of prolactin increases sevenfold via high levels of visceral fat. Large amounts of prolactin can lead to the development of breast tissue growth and milk production.

Read a #1 New York Times Bestseller “Wheat Belly” and learn all about wheat and why it is better to eat gluten-free. Beware, gluten-free can be a trap as well. Read more into it today! 

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