Training The Chest Should Be Done With This In Mind

When training the chest, there are two basic kinds of exercises for the chest: Flys, in which the extended arms are drawn together across the chest in a kind of hugging motion; and Presses, in which the weight is pressed upward off the chest with the involvement of the front deltoids and triceps in addition to a primary effort from the pectorals. The basic Bench Press is done with a barbell on a flat bench and is an all-time favorite exercise of bodybuilders as well as one of the three movements used in powerlifting competition. If you can do Bench Presses correctly-using the proper grip and getting the fullest range of motion possible-you will be able to develop the overall mass of the chest. 

When changing the angle of the Bench Press-by doing it on an incline, for example-you transfer more of the effort from the middle pectorals to the upper pectorals and front deltoids. It is believed you should include Incline Presses in your program right from the beginning so that you don't find your upper pecs are underdeveloped relative to the middle and lower portions of your chest. Also, doing a lot of Incline Presses will help you create that split between upper and lower chest that is so impressive in most-muscular poses. 

As with training other muscles, the greater the range of motion you get when training the chest, the more intense the muscle contraction you achieve-which ultimately leads to the maximum amount of muscle growth. Therefore, especially when you are doing Flys, it is very important to stretch the pectorals as much as you can. This helps develop maximum flexibility, and increased flexibility results in more development. This is why so many of the top bodybuilders, as massive as you can imagine, are also flexible enough to twist themselves into pretzels. 

Simply have large pectoral muscles is not enough if they are hung on a small, unimpressive rib cage. Though it's subject to controversy, Arnold is convinced that he could effectively expand the rib cage by performing Dumbbell Pullovers. Be aware, however, that Pullovers performed on machines do not have the same effect. When you are locked into a machine the latissimus muscles bear most of the stress, so you do not get as much expansion of the rib cage. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger Training The Chest

Schwarzenegger doing incline bench pressesMake Sure To Do Plenty Of Incline Presses

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