A Triceps workout...

This triceps workout is composed of four exercises: 

1) Close Grip Bench Press, 3-4 sets, 6-10 reps 
2) Tricep Extensions, 3-4 sets, 6-10 reps
3) One Arm Lateral Triceps Extension, 3-4 sets, 6-10 reps
4) Tricep Pushdowns, 3-4 sets, 6-10 reps. 

If you are aiming for more mass development, low reps with the heaviest weight should be included. Generally, high reps are more for definition and muscle endurance. 

Muscles worked out from closed grip bench pressesClose Grip Benchpress

This triceps workout is the close grip bench press. It is a great exercise that works all 3 individual tricep muscles. It is great for adding meat or mass onto your tricep because you can use heavy weight while pressing it. 

In addition, this workout targets the chest as well, adding definition to the inner area and also creating a line of separation between the two pecs. 

Your hands shouldn't be placed to close together on the middle of the bar, about 1 foot apart is fine. Elbows should be tucked in close to your body throughout the movement and shouldn't stick out to the sides. 

Slowly and with control, lower the weight down until your triceps are parallel to the ground, hold for a count of 1 second at the bottom and then push the weight back upwards. You should be able to feel the tension in your triceps quite a bit. This exercise is wonderful for those that wan't quick growth for their triceps. 

Man performing tricep extensionsTricep Extensions

For this exercise, start with the EZ bar and load it with weights if needed. Lay down on the flat bench, and extend your arms straight overhead as above.

Without moving your upper arms at all, slowly and I mean slowly bend your arms at the elbow and lower the EZ bar back beyond your head until your arms hit a 90 degree angel. Strongly, extend your arms upwards and hold the contraction at the top for a total of 1 second. 

There are two ways to lower the weight. Some people like to lower the weight to their forehead; however, you can also prefer to lower the weight behind your head. This takes a lot of stress off the elbow joint and instead, places it onto the triceps.

Another triceps workout...

Rear view shot of a man doing a tricep one arm extensionOne Arm Lateral Triceps Extension

This triceps workout exercise is effective for building up the lateral head of the triceps. Building the lateral head is essential for building a dense, well-shaped horseshoe. This exercise also hits the long head effectively, the other half of the horseshoe. 

This triceps workout allows you to feel a nice stretch on the way down and a nice contraction on the way up. 

Raise one arm vertically overhead. Slowly bend your arm at the elbow and lower the dumbbell sideways behind your head. Make sure to keep your upper arm completely stationary and locked in place. Lower slowly for 2 seconds, hold at the bottom for a second, and then squeeze your triceps hard at the top of the movement. 

Triceps workout anatomy

I'd thought I'd upload this image since I keep referring to the different heads of the triceps muscle. Notice the triceps brachii (the long head in-between the medial head (closest to the body) and the lateral head (on the outside of the body). 

Tricep Pushdowns

This triceps workout puts emphasis on the lateral head of the tricep (the outermost part of the tricep).

Stand in front of a high-pulley cable and grasp a straight bar with an overhand grip. With your knees slightly bend, lean forward at the waist and position your elbows close to your sides, holding your forearms parallel to the floor. Look forward, keeping your back flat and your abs tight. 

Flex your triceps and press the bar toward the floor until your arms are fully extended. Squeeze your tri's and hold for a brief count before returning to the start position. 

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