What is Tsu?

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In the modern digital landscape, I know there are always new platforms to checkout. Every startup website bills itself as the next big thing, and many come and go every day. 

With so much competition, it can be hard to know what new sites are really worth the time and effort. It may be tempting to be cynical and stick with the familiar and safe networks that are already established. 

However, that is not the case when it comes to Tsu

What is Tsu? 

Like Facebook, it is easiest to think of Tsu as a social network. Users can establish a profile and link up with other people or businesses they know and support.

Users can further interact with others by posting their own content. This can include photos and written content. Users are also encouraged to post interesting and relevant links. 

There are additional private messaging functions to allow for private interactions through the network. The network was created in late 2013 by a company called Evacuation Complete, LLC.

Since that time, the network has gained praise for its appealing visual interface and fully developed features, which make the site easy to use and more functional than many of its competitors. 

How Can this Network Earn You Money? 

With so many options for social networking, it may be tempting to overlook this one. However, what makes this network so distinctive is its unique approach to profit sharing.

To the point, this network can be leveraged to make money in ways that the majority of other networks cannot. How is this possible? 

In the most basic terms, this networks allows users to retain ownership of their posts. This means that everything you post is your property, which entitles you to some of the advertising profits generated by the network. 

In other words, the network earns money every time a post receives a view, like or comment. Some of this money is retained by the network itself, but the rest is divided between the owners of the content. 

This means that the person who posted the content gets a cut, but it does not stop there. Profits are also dispersed to the user who invited the owner of the content, ensuring that everyone gets a portion of the money. 

How Do Groups Work? 

In addition to personal accounts, this network also offers groups. As is the case with other networking sites, groups provide the opportunity for more intimate user interaction. 

Groups can be based on any number of interests or ideas, and they can be open to the public or by private invitation. The best thing about groups on this network, however, is their distinctive earning potential. 

Posts to the group have the same earning opportunities as the rest of the network but with one distinction. Each group can designate a charity, and every post to the group offers a portion of the cut to that charity. 

This way, group members can generate revenue for themselves and for the group's charity. 

How Do I Join? 

If all of this seems complicated, do not worry. Joining Tsu is easy. More importantly, it is also free. All features are available without charge, and users are not expected to pay anything. 

Posting, liking and sharing are available without any fees, and users are not asked to purchase any upgrades or additional features. Registration is fast and simple, ensuring that everyone has easy access to the network. 

Once you join, you should take some time to fill out your profile fully, and then you should search for friends and companies you know and like. 

After doing this, you are free to browse the network or contribute posts of your own. As you interact with others on the network, you will have more opportunities to learn, grow and earn money. 

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