4 Important Nutrients To Consume While On A Vegan Weight Loss Diet

A well-balanced vegan weight loss diet can help you reach your ideal body composition goals. By eating a clean vegan diet, you eliminate many of the processed problem foods that trigger overeating and pack on the pounds.

Since a healthy one to two pound loss rate happens slowly, it is natural to feel impatient with the process.

A sudden stall can cause even more impatience to build, even though weight loss is not linear. Regularly consuming nutrients that help your body steadily lose excess pounds can ease the frustration and provide immense reassurance throughout this journey.

Here are four important nutrients that will maximize the effectiveness of your new diet plan.


When following a vegan weight loss diet, you can improve your chance of success by boosting your protein to 30% of your caloric intake. An increase in protein will help you feel satiated after meals despite the reduction in portion sizes.

Higher protein amounts also help your body retain its muscle mass while losing fat at a steady rate. You can maximize your protein intake by including lentils, beans, nuts or tofu in at least one meal a day. Quinoa, soy or almond milk, nut butter and green veggies are also excellent vegan-friendly sources of protein.

A picture filled in with all the different sources of protein a vegan contain obtain protein fromVarious sources

Fatty Acids

Although it seems counter-intuitive, you should frequently consume healthy fats to jump-start and sustain steady weight loss. Omega 3, or linoleic, fatty acids are essential nutrients that help reduce the size of your fat deposits to improve your overall body composition.

When you integrate fatty acids into your daily routine, you may visibly notice a change in your body shape and size even when you do not see the results on the scale. You can receive a healthy dose of fatty acids by consuming a serving or two of flax, chia and hemp seeds, mangoes, leafy greens, squash and seaweed each day.

Flax seed spread out with a wooden spoon scooper full of flax amongst the spread out flax.Flax as a healthy source of fatty acids. Can find at Whole Foods.

B Vitamins 

All eight B vitamins help your body efficiently utilize the food you eat to create energy for your muscle cells. The vitamins may also facilitate an increase in your metabolism as your body utilizes each and every calorie you eat to produce energy. Nuts, seeds, grains, potatoes, avocados, broccoli, pineapple, prunes, onions, tomatoes and okra contain the majority of the B vitamins your body needs.

B12 is particularly tricky for vegans to consume at adequate levels since this nutrient is almost solely found in animal products. You should try to eat B12 fortified soy-based foods and breakfast cereals, vegan mayonnaise, nutritional yeast and tempeh to keep your B12 levels up. Otherwise, you may need to take a supplement each day to keep this nutrient at optimal levels. 

A lot of pieces of tempeh stacked upon one another in a batchTempeh or supplement B12, there is injectable B12 too


Strong cravings are the natural enemy of weight loss. When you have cravings, you might have a difficult time thinking about anything else until you fulfill those urges, especially right after beginning a low calorie, vegan weight loss diet.

Chromium is a mineral that can eliminate cravings and help you avoid overeating by keeping your blood sugar stable throughout the day.

Chromium also helps your body rebuild a healthy composition as you lose fat and gain muscle through diet and exercise. Unfortunately, chromium is only available through a few key dietary sources: barley, broccoli, oats, tomatoes, green beans, black pepper and romaine lettuce. A serving of broccoli, in particular, will provide your body with at least half of your necessary chromium intake for the day at the cost of just 55 calories.

A bright bowl of fresh green broccoliBroccoli is an excellent source of chromium

Creating A Vegan Weight Loss Diet Plan

You can create a daily meal plan at the beginning of each week to help ensure you remain on the road to success with your vegan weight loss diet. Make sure your weekly meal plan includes foods containing all of the nutrients above to keep the pounds steadily dropping.

If you are not seeing the expected results within a few weeks, consider utilizing a food scale to precisely measure your portion sizes. The food scale will help you learn how to visually identify healthy portion sizes as you strive to continually meet your daily calorie goals.

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