Learning the Facts About Taking a Vegetarian Iron Supplement

A vegetarian iron supplement can be important. Your body can absorb and utilize the iron you obtain from meat sources much better than the iron obtained from plant-based foods. As a result, vegetarians need to consume up to twice the amount of iron each day to maintain appropriate stores of this vital nutrient.

Even with a diet filed with iron-rich foods, such as legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds, you may need to take a vegetarian iron supplement each day to keep your intake levels at the recommended level. Read on to learn about this important nutrient supplement.

Even with iron rich plant foods it may not be enough, talk to your doctor

Understanding the Benefits of an Iron Supplement

Increased Production of Red Blood Cells

Your body utilizes the majority of the iron you ingest for the production of red blood cells. These blood cells contain a protein called hemoglobin, which actively removes carbon dioxide and delivers fresh oxygen throughout your body. Red blood cells have a lifecycle of just 120 days, so it is important for your body to continually produce new ones on a daily basis. When your iron levels remain at chronically low levels, your red blood cell counts drop, which is a condition called anemia that can cause lethargy, abnormal heartbeats, and heart failure.

Two circles, the circle on the left is full of red blood cells the circle on the right is deficient of red blood cells and is labeled anemiaYou don't want to become anemic

Boosted Conversion of Blood Sugar to Energy

The iron in your blood helps your body convert blood sugar into usable energy. Your iron stores actively help glucose take an efficient pathway during the energy production process. An efficient pathway for glucose utilization allows your body to function at its absolute best at all times. Without ample iron flowing through your blood, you may end up feeling tired and rundown far before anemia sets in due to the switch to less efficient glucose pathways.

Enhanced Immune System Function

When you keep your iron levels up, you give your immune system the support it needs to fight against viruses and bacteria. Without iron, your immune response rates are slowed or even stopped, leaving you vulnerable to the development of infections from exposure to germs in your environment.

Finding a Vegetarian Iron Supplement

You really cannot go wrong by selecting one of the major brands offering a veggie iron supplement. Brands offering this specialized supplement include:

You can choose between liquid, chewable, capsule, or tablet-based formulas. A liquid vegetarian iron supplement is usually absorbed faster than the other options, though digestive side effects, such as nausea, may be exacerbated by this delivery method. You may want to try several different options before settling on the one that works best for your unique system.

Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Iron Supplement

You can almost double the amount of iron your body absorbs from food and supplements by consuming vitamin C at the same time. When taken together, these compounds combine to create a substance your body can readily absorb and utilize.

You can take your iron supplement with vitamin C-rich foods or supplements to keep your absorption rates maximized. You may also need to avoid drinking coffee and tea or eating spinach within an hour of taking your iron supplement, as these substances can severely inhibit absorption rates.

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