5 Health Risks Mitigated With A Balanced Vegetarian Nutrition Plan

When you cut meat out of your diet to follow a vegetarian nutrition plan, you actively eliminate substances linked to the development of serious health problems later in life. When you follow a limited vegetarian diet, you must actively balance your nutrients to receive all of the health benefits. If you remain on a well-balanced vegetarian eating plan for the long term, you will have a better chance at evading the five following health problems.


On average, individuals who follow a vegetarian diet have a lower rate of obesity than people who eat a meat-based diet. In fact, your risk of obesity actually drops up to 15% by eliminating meat products from your diet.

The results remain even when calorie counts are raised to the 2,000 a day level. The lack of saturated fats in this diet are believed to be the reason for this significant health improvement. Both children and adults receive this important health benefit after switching to a plant-based diet for an extended period of time.

An obese man on the sofa with a pizza is high left hand and the remote control to the TV in his right handOn a vegetarian plan there is less chance of this happening.


Vegetarians are also much less likely to develop metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. In addition to keeping excess weight to a minimum, a plant-based nutrition plan reduces the pattern of glucose spikes and dips that can trigger the development of these conditions. If you have type 1 or 2 diabetes, vegetarian nutrition can also help you control your symptoms and reduce your reliance on daily insulin treatments.

Diabetes spelt out in scrabble letters amongst lots of candy and a blood glucose monitor that reads 124 mg/dlVegetarian are less likely to develop diabetes and its further complications that get really ugly

Heart Disease

Since vegetarian diets are naturally low in saturated fat and bad cholesterol, this way of eating has a positive track record in reducing the development of heart disease. Without these potentially harmful fatty substances circulating through your system, your arteries remain clear of dangerous plaque deposits.

Perhaps even more amazingly, patients with the beginning signs of heart disease can actually reverse their symptoms by closely following a low fat, vegetarian diet. The patients’ cholesterol levels dropped, chest pain disappeared and arteries cleared after just one year on this diet.

A heart surrounded by a bunch of fatty foods including french fries (Curly)Heart Disease, Evaded? Perhaps and Heart Disease is the Number 1 Killer in America


Vegetarian nutrition has been closely linked to the prevention of osteoporosis, which commonly develops at an advanced age. Since vegetables have an enormous amount of calcium and vitamin D needed for strong bones, following this way of eating can help strengthen the bone structure throughout life.

The lack of high sodium, processed foods helps your body retain these beneficial vitamins instead of evacuating them through the urine before the nutrients can reach your bones.

Two pieces of bone shown one with osteoporosis and one without osteoporosis. The one with osteoporosis has larger diameter holes in it.Avoid osteoporosis with your vegetarian nutrition


Vegetarians have a much lower risk of developing cancer than meat eaters. The lack of carcinogens in this type of diet likely contributes to this decreased risk. In a meat-based diet, individuals consume many different carcinogens that form when cooking meat at high temps or grilling over an open flame.

The high fiber content of a plant-based diet has a protective effect that reduces cell damage and tumor growth throughout the body. Plants also do not trigger hormone production like meat does, which prevents cancer of the reproductive organs.

A man and woman in the center of the pic and to the right and left of them are the different types of cancers that commonly occur to them.Enjoy a lower risk of cancer

Creating A Suitable Vegetarian Nutrition Plan

To enjoy the benefits provided by vegetarian nutrition, you must create a well-balanced diet plan. Make sure your diet provides your body with the right combination of macro- and micronutrients on a daily basis.

Start by constructing meal plans with adequate amounts of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. From there, fine tune your meals to include the full range of vitamins and minerals. With the right balance, you will ensure your health remains optimized through the years.  

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