What is a detox diet? 

Many people want to know: What is a detox diet? More and more, we hear that few people are living with an optimal state of health. We hear that our bodies are full of environmental toxins from our food and medicines that hinder our body’s ability to heal, reducing our natural vitality.

So it’s easy to understand why so many people are attracted to the idea of detoxifying the body. But what is a detox diet, what are the benefits, and most importantly, what are the risks?

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What is a Detox diet? 

Detox, an abbreviation for detoxification, is the body's ongoing process of eliminating and neutralizing toxins. Toxins can be anything that can potentially do harm to bodily tissue. The liver, skin, kidneys, intestines, lungs, blood, and the lymphatic systems all work in concert to transform toxins into inert compounds to be excreted either by sweat, aspiration, or via the bladder and bowels. After engaging in a detox diet, people frequently report greater energy, better skin, improved bowel movements, eased digestion, and better concentration and clarity.

The word focus written in the center with a red circle around it and lots of black arrows pointing inward to the word FocusAfter engaging a detox diet people report better concentration and clarity.

Who Shouldn't Try a Detox Diet? 

Anyone who is considering going on a detox diet should consult their physician first. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children would be ill-advised to go on a detox diet. Those with certain health conditions, such as kidney or liver disease, should only try detoxifying under the strict supervision of their family doctor. A detox diet is also not a substitute for an alcohol or drug detox program.

If ill-suited for an individual, or when poorly executed, a detox diet can cause fatigue, indigestion, cough, muscle soreness, disturbed sleep, and other signs of illness. Avoiding or delaying proper medical attention or self-treating a condition using a detox diet can have serious health consequences.

Ask your doctor first if this is ok for you

Types of Detox Diet

At this point, you may be asking what detox diet is safe for most people. There are many ways to detox via food and drink. Few have much scientific backing, but most are easy to understand.

Chances are, with a little thought, anyone could come up with a diet that would have at least moderate detoxifying effects. A detox diet is not about what you eat as much as it is about what you do not eat. Most such diets begin with strict restrictions on sugar, fat, and processed foods. There are a number of other things that may be cut out, such as cheese and dairy, as these are mucus producing and can cause a number of adverse health effects. High-fiber superfoods like kale are often used to clean the bowels, and foods high in antioxidants, such as garlic and blueberries, are another popular add-on to many detoxification diets.

I once tried a detox diet. I drink only fruit juices from the company Naked for about 2 or 3 days and I noticed in difference in my body. That is known as a Juice Detox. It feels really good. Now I'm addicted to detoxifying agents. I also take Triphala because it is known to detox the bowels. 

What the Critics say

Opponents of detox diets say they aren't needed, that the body can self-detoxify without the help of a special diet but I don't believe this because I've had it work personally for myself but it still may not work for everyone. 

While it’s true that our system has evolved over millennia to handily eliminate unhealthy chemicals without extra help, the human body can only do so much. There’s little doubt that a sane and moderate detox diet done on occasion would benefit anyone who undertakes it.

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