5 Reasons Why MyFitnessPal Is So Awesome

MyFitnessPal, or MFP as it is widely known, allows you to precisely track your food intake and activity levels on a daily basis. This tracking program is easy to use by accessing the website with your computer or utilizing the dedicated Smartphone app. Since its inception in 2005, MFP has attracted more than 75 million users. The wide network of dedicated users makes this app even more valuable than similar options due to its integrated collaboration tools. Furthermore, you can sync this app to your Under Armour Healthbox equipment and app to expand your dataset for the best results on your journey to improved health and happiness.

A snapshot of the cover of my fitnesspal the calorie counter and diet tracker with a ballerina outstretched on the cover

Meal Planning 

MFP allows you to fully customize your meal plan to suit your dietary preferences. You can set your nutritional goals, meal categories and displayed nutrients to fully customize the program to your needs. As your body composition changes in line with your goals, you can reassess to determine the best calorie and nutrient requirements for continued progress. You can browse through the food database to add your ingredient types and amounts eaten at each meal. You also have the ability to scan the barcodes on your food's packaging to quickly add items to your diary. For complex meals, you can reproduce the recipe in the system to learn its nutritional information and add it to your diary.

A snap shot of the inner workings of my fitness pal, this example is showing how many calories are remaining for the day and there is a snapshot of foods eaten that particular day.

Exercise Tracking

The exercise tracking section of MFP is fairly basic, but effective. You can enter your cardiovascular or strength training activities to calculate your estimated calorie expenditure for that activity. When you record the activity, it adds the calories to your daily limit. You have the option of eating back the calories, to help increase muscle gains or leave them unfulfilled to speed up weight loss. You can add exercise notes to this section to help you gauge your progress over time.

Record Reporting

All of the data stored in MFP can be used to generate a detailed report. As you regularly update your body composition changes, for example, you will be able to view your progress in chart form. Reports for each nutritional macro are available as well to help you alter your diet over time. You can focus on slowly reducing carbohydrates to levels required for a ketogenic diet or other effective eating plan. The reports may span just seven days or across the entire year, depending on your selection. You can print the data or save as a PDF file for your records.

Progress Sharing

You can connect with like-minded individuals through MFP to gain accountability partners, commiserate and measure your success together. After making connections, you can share messages with each other on your timelines or blog. You can create and join groups focused on following a particular diet, exercise program or challenge. The forums provide you with another way to make connections and learn new information about MFP, diets, exercises and other important topics.

Under Armour Healthbox Pairing

A picture of what's included in the under armor health box kit including scale, heart rate monitor and wrist band

MFP works alongside the equipment and apps produced for the Under Armour Healthbox system. The Healthbox fitness band, digital scale and  heart rate all send data to MFP to keep your profile updated in real time. The interconnected equipment provides accurate data that helps you fine tune your nutritional intake and exercise program. By matching your daily food intake with your activity levels, you can lose weight, gain muscle or both at a healthy, sustainable rate. You can also experiment with alternative diet options, like low-carb eating plans, to measure the effects over the course of several weeks or months.

After learning to effective utilize your MyFitnessPal and Under Armour Healthbox apps and equipment, you will likely see improved progress on all of your body composition goals.

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